Emma's Dangerous Game - Scream
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Noah tells the reporter about Brandon James' first two victims. 

Rachel's death is ruled a homicide and Emma overhears. She arrives at Rachel's wake to tell Audrey. 

Brooke video chats with Mr. Branson from her hotel room. 

Jake and Will argue over missing money. 

Emma tells Audrey about the phone call and text message she received. Audrey wants to respond. 

Will approaches Emma and tries to appeal to her nostalgic side by bringing up stories of them together. 

Emma and Kieran are paired together for an assignment and she finds out that his dad has the Brandon James files. He offers to bring them to her. Emma discovers that Brandon James was obsessed with her mom. 

Riley and Noah are paired as well and Riley is upset that Noah didn't call. He makes it up to her and they kiss again. 

Emma questions her mom and is frustrated when she doesn't get any answers. 

The killer calls Emma again and she says she's done playing his games. He messages her that he'll find someone else to play with. 

Things heat up until they're interrupted by Riley receiving a text message. It's from Tyler and says "help me."

Riley wants to believe it's really Tyler and Emma wants to go to the police. Sheriff Hudson convinces Riley to text him back and meet her. The plan doesn't work and a random guy shows up with a message that says "nice try."

Brooke receives a text message to meet in a hotel. She assumes it is from Mr. Branson. 

The killer wants Emma to choose between the good girl and the bad girl. She responds "do not hurt Brooke" to which he replies "as you wish." 

Riley responds to texts she believes are from Tyler to meet him outside the sheriff's office. The killer stabs her and she calls Noah as she dies. 

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Scream Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

In my humble opinion, nobody puts on a mask and commits a murder like that just once. The real question is, who's next?


Emma: Okay so Fault in our Stars is also a no.
Kieran: Cancer kids on top of a brutal murder might be a bit much.