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It was Halloween on The Secret Circle this week, as Cassie threw a party when her mom went to see what was wrong with Adam.

Of course, it grew out of control when witch hunters - including Luke! - showed up and knocked out everyone in the Circle. They ended up down by the water, with Luke prepared to complete a spell (which involved some magic in a jar, using the witches' blood, personal items and more) until Cassie subconsciously called upon her dark magic. Turns out, according to a local shop owner (who has not told Cassie this yet), she has something special and dangerous inside of her.

The result? Luke caught on fire and the witches escaped.

Jake, meanwhile, is aware of Cassie's dark magic, but managed to avoid suspicion, for the most part, all episode. He was almost caught for what he is when Cassie found a knife in his room that had the witch hunter's symbol on it, but Jake claimed it belonged to Nick. Viewers also saw Jake kill the aforementioned shop owner for trying to tip Cassie off.

But not before the shop owner dropped off an envelope at Cassie's. It possessed ancient writing and had the initials JB on the bottom. Earlier, this shop owner talked to Ethan about "John Blackwell," Cassie's dad, what he tried to do years ago and how Cassie had a right to know. Hmmm...

Finally, the episode ended with Grandma finding Adam, dead in his cabin. She also found his crystal, but was knocked out by someone who took it and left.

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