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Uh-oh! A crystal is magically stolen from the abandoned house on this episode of The Secret Circle.

Jane's funeral is held and everyone attends.

Cassie reaches out to Diana.

Diana confronts Charles about the possibility of John being her father.

Charles doesn't flinch when Diana questions him.

Cassie and Adam kiss.

Diana tries to cut John out of the circle's decisions.

Charles and Dawn realize all the children are working with John.

The circle goes after the witch hunter themselves.

The hunters are dead and one runs free as the circle chases him.

Nick is alive!


The Secret Circle
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The Secret Circle Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Jake: Is it true, witch hunters did it?
Faye: That's what Blackwell said.
Jake: We can't just sit here and let them get away with this!
Faye: And we will. But right now there are sad, fragile, old people here. Let's not give them some heart attacks with angry threats.

Diana, you've always treated me like family and I know things are really confusing right now, but if it turns out that you are my sister, I'd be really happy about that.