Out of the Picture - Selfie
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Henry begins dating Julia, the woman he rode home in a cab with. 

Eliza becomes worried that Henry will not want her in his life anymore. Henry tells Eliza that he thinks they should spend less time together, and that Eliza does not need him as much anymore.

Saperstein asks Eliza to introduce the keynote speaker at the pharmaceutical conference. 

Eliza tries to find a problem with Julia's character. She plots against her, and uses social media to write bad reviews about her as a doctor. 

Julia tells Henry that she has had a bad day, because someone has been blasting her online. 

Henry realizes that Eliza is the one who has been messing with Julia, he goes to her apartment and confronts her. 

Eliza bakes a cake for Julia in order to repair her friendship with Henry. Eliza realizes that she does not need Henry in order to make her speech.

Henry realizes that he does not want to stop handing out with Eliza in order to date Julia, and he decides to attend the conference. The two manage to repair their friendship. 

Eliza stops by Julia's office to apologize for writing bad reviews about her. 



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