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The Turners are shocked to learn that Jericho is missing.

The authorities arrive and Sean rushes to hide any sign of the christening. Officer Reyes seems curious about what is going on, but Natalie and Julian manage to talk her down from her questions.

However, it seems she will continue to figure it out.

Dorothy watched videos of May in the wild, wondering where the cult could have taken Jericho. The videos revealed that cult had supposedly brought other people back from the dead.

Dorothy tells Sean that she thought he would be a better father to their son, and Sean counters that he didn't kill him.

They are surprised to see that a letter with a slipper has been delivered. The letter tells them Jericho will stay alive if they keep quiet.

We then see Julian in his car, confirming that he is messing with his family.

Dorothy finds the camera in the room and says cult has been watching them, but Sean doesn't tell her anything about it being him to plant the camera.

Instead, he looks at the splinters and finds a book that has a chapter about Leprosy and his name, confirming what he thought that Leeanne had been doing magic on him.

Sean takes the doll out of the trash and bathes him.

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Servant Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Dorothy: Do you have him?
Sean: Who?

9780 Spruce Street. It's an emergency. Life or Death.