Dorothy's Pain - Servant
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Dorothy is worried about what Jericho could be doing, so she starts saying he is calm.

She decides to go into the office to help with work because Melanie is off unwell.

On-air, she acts like she's reading to an infant before saying that Leanne is missing and that they need to find her.

Leanne calls Sean and quizzes why he didn't tell Dorothy what she did.

Roscoe returns, claiming to have been outside all night, but he doesn't realize that five days have passed.

He doesn't remember what happened, so Natalie hypnotizes him, and they find themselves learning that Jericho's eyes had been taken by the cult leader.

Everyone is worried, but they don't tell Dorothy anything.

When she goes for a bath, the pipes start to blow up under the house.

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Servant Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Roscoe: It's Monday.
Sean: It's Friday.

Dorothy: Melanie is off. I'm going into the studio.
Sean: Do you really think that's a good idea?