Who's on the Monitor? - Servant
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Josephine shows up and says she will bring peace to the Turner household.

Leanne is worried that she's going to be picked off when she least expects it.

Josephine locks the Turners up in their respective rooms and gets to work.

She makes Leanne watch the Betamax video that confirms the ritual will end her life.

Leanne goes on the run after she is attacked with oil.

She finds her way into the basement and Josephine tries to kill her again.

Dorothy whacks her with a spade and goes to get Sean.

Josephine gets back up and Leanne stabs her through the eye with a dagger that has been heated up.

Leanne then burns her body and brings Jericho back.

The Turners become a family of four and everyone else is shocked.

Leanne says her power is intensifying but she has no idea how to move on without using her power.

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Servant Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Josephine: Dorothy Turner. The Warrior.
Dorothy: Who are you?
Sean: Aunt Josephine.

Dorothy: Where's Jericho?
Josephine: May we sit together. I want to be by your side.