Leanne is Shocked at George - Servant
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The Turners wonder what they can do next to even the odds, but George continues with his ritual.

Roscoe returns but he says that the church has changed his life and that he needs to keep them outside.

When they get in, things take a turn when George tries to get rid of Leanne, but he realizes she had sex with Julian.

Leanne uses powers to get George out the house and he winds up in the road and knocked down.

Before he dies, he vows that there will be a reckoning from "her" but he reiterates that it is not May.

Julian also revealed to Leanne that he was on a drug-induced bender for four days as Dorothy was in the house with a dead Jericho.


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Servant Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

George: She'll come for you.
Leanne: I'm not scared of her.
George: Not her.

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Dorothy: What are you doing? You said you were helping?
George: It will be when the clock strikes midnight.