The Heartrender Advantage - Shadow and Bone Season 1 Episode 1
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The episode begins with a voiceover from Alina. She tells us about herself while traveling with cartographers from the First Army.

During a flashback, Ana Kuya tells a young Alina about the Fold.

Alina and the other cartographers reach the Fold. They talk about the Fold, and Raisa mentions the Sun Summoner.

During a flashback, Mal shows something to Alina. A bully corners them until Ana Kura interrupts. Mal runs, attempting to avoid a fight.

In the present, Mal is in a fighting ring. Mal fights his opponent until he wins.

A Squaller propositions Mal to a fight. Mal attempts to, but his friends hold him back.

Outside, Mal calls out to Alina when he sees her. They catch up with each other, eventually stumbling upon Grisha practicing magic.

Mal and Alina continue walking. Mal introduces Alina to his friends, Dubrov and Mikhael.

An army general updates the First Army on a dangerous upcoming assignment that requires traveling through the Fold. Mal is on the list of soldiers set to go on this mission.

In Ketterdam, Jesper Fahey calls out a man for paying with fake money. Jesper goes to collect the stranger's real money, but Kaz Brekker, the leader of the Dregs, stops him.

A person named Rotty tells Kaz about a stolen DeKappel, a painting worth 10,000 kruge.

Kaz goes upstairs and freshens up. Inej arrives silently, but Kaz knows she is there. He asks her about new information she might have. Inej tells Kaz about a potential new job worth one million kruge.

Back in Ravka, Alina is in line for dinner. The cook denies service to her because she is half Shu. She storms off as Mal looks on.

Mal walks into a Grisha tent. He steals a bowl of fruit, but Zoya, a Squaller, catches him. They flirt with each other. She asks him to stay the night, but he refuses.

Mal finds Alina and gives her the bowl of fruit. He tells her about Zoya. Alina asks Mal about the mission, and they talk about it.

Kaz, Inej, and Jesper start asking people how to cross the Fold. They are not successful. They regroup and discuss their potential mission. One of Kaz's men arrives and tells Kaz about a note he intercepted from Dreesen.

Pekka Rollins, the leader of an opposing gang, tortures a man to get a Heartrender.

The next morning, in Ravka, General Kirigan's coach passes through the First Army's camp. Mal, Alina, and Alexei watch. Afterward, Mal leaves for the mission.

Alina forms a plan to join the mission. She burns a map of the Fold.

The First Army's general and Petya discuss the ruined maps. Alina volunteers to go on the mission to redraw them. The general says all the cartographers will go.

Alina and her unit set off for the ship that will cross the Fold.

Mal runs into Alina on the boat. He insists that she leaves the boat, but she refuses.

An Inferni Grisha recaps what will happen when they travel into the Fold. Mal asks her where General Kirigan is, but she does not answer. The ship leaves the docks, and Alina loses her scarf.

General Kirigan watches from a distance as the ship sails. Alina's scarf flies by him.

The ship enters the Fold, and volcra start to appear. Mal gets ready to shoot, and Alina crouches down to hide.

A soldier lights up a lantern, which draws the attention of the volcra. The ship is set on fire, and Alexei jumps ship.

A volcra captures Mal, and Alina sees. She grabs a gun and shoots at the volcra, forcing it to drop Mal. Alina rushes over. They acknowledge to one another that they will die.

Suddenly, a volcra snatches Alina, which ignites her Grisha powers.

In West Ravka, an army unit stands on the docks, waiting for the ship. Suddenly, Alexei bursts from the Fold and collapses on the sound. General Zlatan asks Alexei about the rest of the ship's crew.

Pekka Rollins is about to announce something to the Orchid members. One of his men tells him that someone already got the Heartrender—Kaz.

The Dregs arrive at Dreesen's with the Heartrender. Dreesen tells the Dregs to leave, but he asks the Heartrender to remain. Kaz threatens Dreesen, so Dreesen invites the Dregs along.

Dreesen leads everyone to a room and reveals Alexei as his prisoner. Dreesen tells Kaz, Inej, and Jesper about what he knows regarding the mission through the Fold.

Two weeks earlier, the ship turns around and arrives back in East Ravka. Mal and Alina are passed out.

The Heartrender, Milana, manipulates Alexei to tell them what happened. He mentions the Sun Summoner and tells them it was Alina Starkov. Then, Dreesen shoots Alexei, killing him.

Dreesen tells Kaz he has until sunrise to figure out a plan and offers one million kruge for Alina Starkov.

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Shadow and Bone Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Dreesen: No businessman worth his salt hires his first applicant.
Kaz: No. No, I understand. Of course, I will have to report you to the guild for kidnapping and harboring a prisoner without chain of title.
Dreesen: You wouldn't.
Kaz: No businessman worth his salt bargains for what he can take.

When I was young, I was afraid of the dark. When I got older, I learned that darkness is a place, and it's full of monsters.