The Friends You Make Along the Way - Shadow and Bone Season 1 Episode 8
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The skiff sails into the Fold. Alina and Kirigan are at the front of the ship. They are five markers in. Meanwhile, Kaz, Inej, and Jesper slip downstairs.

Alina and Kirigan hear volcra screeching. She is ready to tear down the Fold, but he does not want to act yet.

Kaz, Inej, and Jesper clean their guns and talk about their situation. They volcra approaching the skiff.

Zoya and one of Kirigan's men are at the other end of the ship. Zoya is confused as to why nothing is happening.

Nina and Matthias stop at an inn in Arkesk, near the border of Ravka and Fjerda. They talk about their futures and where they want to go. They end up cuddling and eventually decide to downstairs to grab something to eat.

While Nina and Matthias eat waffles, he suddenly passes out. Fedyor suddenly appears, and he tells Nina that they must bring Matthias back to Ravka, where they will execute him for being Drüskelle. Nina remembers another guest talking about bringing slavers to Ketterdam, so she pretends that Matthias is a slaver.

Fedyor and the Grisha prepare to fight the guest and his men, but they end up backing down. Nina and Matthias leave with the group heading to Ketterdam.

Back in the Fold, Alina tries to summon light, but Kirigan will not let her. Instead, he uses her power to create a clear and protected pathway to West Ravka.

Kaz explains to Inej and Jesper what he thinks Kirigan might be planning. Inej notices Mal spying on them. She forces Mal forward, holding him at gunpoint. After a brief explanation, Kaz decides to ally with Mal.

Alina does not understand why Kirigan will not let her destroy the Fold. He finally admits that he has no plans to destroy it.

Zoya mentions that she has family in Novokribirsk.

As the skiff approaches West Ravka, Zlatan and one of his men await their arrival. Zlatan orders to kill everyone on board as soon as the ship docks.

Kirigan expands the Fold over Novokribirsk, effectively killing everyone in the area. Alina tries to stop him, but she cannot. Zoya looks on, horrified and in shock.

Kaz, Inej, Jesper, and Mal discuss what to do next once they realize what Kirigan is doing. Kaz wants to wait until they are safely out of the Fold, but Mal refuses. He goes upstairs, and Inej follows.

Kirigan warns the guests onboard to spread the word about what happened. Mal suddenly appears on deck and shoots at Kirigan. Kirigan orders Ivan to kill Mal.

Alina and Mal reach for each other as Ivan starts crushing Mal's heart. Kirigan tells Ivan not to kill Mal, but he takes his gun away. Then, Kirigan threatens Alina with Mal's life if she does not continue using her power.

Jesper decides to join everyone else up on deck.

Zoya moves to the sail and starts using magic. A Corporalki approaches her, but Inej puts him in a chokehold with a knife against his neck. She orders Zoya to sail the skiff. Inej starts fighting the Corporalki.

One of the guests approaches Kirigan, warning him that everyone will turn on Grisha. Kirigan orders Ivan to slaughter the guests, so he does.

Zoya watches the Corporalki and Inej fight each other. She saves Inej by throwing the Corporalki overboard and asks Inej to help stop Kirigan.

Once Kirigan realizes what Zoya is doing, she tries to stop her. Jesper and Kaz join the fight. Inej throws a blade in Kirigan's chest. In return, Kirigan recants the light protecting Zoya and Inej.

A volcra sweeps down and attacks Zoya. Inej comes to her side and starts throwing knives at the volcra until she runs out. When another volcra goes for Inej, Kaz steps in front of her and fights with the volcra.

Alina is still on the ground, chained. Suddenly, light glows around her, and the Stag appears, motioning toward Inej's knife on the ground.

Once Morozova's Stag disappears, Kirigan steps in front of Alina and offers to help her up. Alina stabs his hand, severing the tie between Kirigan and her power. Then, Alina summons light to protect everyone on the ship.

Mal takes Kirigan overboard with him. They start fighting each other on the sand.

Ivan starts crushing Alina's heart, but Jesper shoots Ivan, saving Alina. Ivan tries to kill Jesper, but Jesper manages to throw him overboard.

Mal manages to shoot Kirigan right before a volcra sweeps down and attacks Kirigan.

Mal gets back on the skiff and holds a passed-out Alina in his arms, begging her to wake up. Volcra circle the skiff from above. Alina wakes up, summons light to protect the ship once more, and they sail safely out of the Fold.

Later, Alina, Inej, Zoya, and Mal sit around a bonfire while Kaz and Jesper stand. Inej offers Alina unconditional support, and Alina gives Inej her knife. Kaz and Jesper promise not to kidnap Alina. Alina gives her diamond headwear in exchange for the Dregs not to reveal who she really is. Kaz and Alina shake on it. Mal and Alina step away to change their clothes.

Once Mal and Alina return, Alina throws the dress she wore into the fire. Alina looks at the Fold, feeling guilty for what had happened. Mal comforts her and promises they will come back to destroy it.

Zoya says she is going to see what remains of Novokribirsk and her family. She warns Alina not to stay in Ravka for the time being and make new allies. Alina and Zoya hug. Zoya warns Alina about the people that will now hunt her down. Then, Zoya leaves.

The Crows, Alina, and Mal start heading toward Os Kervo. Inej asks Kaz what their next plan is, and Kaz is only concerned about Inej gaining her freedom from Heleen.

On a ship sailing toward Ketterdam, Nina goes downstairs to give Matthias some food. He wakes up and tries to choke her, believing she duped him. Nina tries to explain herself, but Matthias does not believe her.

The ship docks in Os Kervo before heading to Ketterdam. Kaz, Inej, and Jesper climb on board and discuss what will happen once they reach Ketterdam. Kaz decides they will need a Heartrender, and Nina overhears their conversation.

Mal and Alina get on the boat. They comfort each other, and Alina promises to come back once she is strong enough.

The Darkling emerges from the Fold, scarred. He orders his newly created monsters, the Nichevo'ya, to follow him.

Shadow and Bone
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Shadow and Bone Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Jesper: What's our play?
Kaz: We wait.
Jesper: For what?
Kaz: For whatever the general has planned.
Jesper: You figured him out?
Kaz: Not quite. Consider the scenario. The Sun Summoner fled from his palace; now she's tied to the deck. We're sailing for a city where another Ravkan general hired Arken to kill her. And I saw his face as he boarded. I know that look. He's a man consumed with vengeance.
Jesper: See it enough in the mirror, do you?

We are in the worst place in the world, on a ship full of people who want us dead, surrounded by monsters who want us in their gullets.