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Clary, Jace, Isabelle and Alec return to the Institute. 

Clary wants to know why they are not going after Simon. Alec wants to report to the Clave about Simon's abduction.

At the Hotel du Mort, Simon is in a locked room surrounded by coffins. He is begging to be released, but no one is listening. Raphael shows up and takes Simon away.

Back at the Institute, Clary is fed up with just standing around and starts to walk out, but Jace stops her. He comes up with a plan to doesn't go along with what the Clave would allow. A secret mission.

Raphael brings Simon into a furnished room. It's full of antiquities. He is talking nonstop while trying to find a way out. He sees a knife, pulls it out and throws it at Raphael. It doesn't kill or hurt him. Raphael is not happy.

Camille shows up. Simon has a gash on his head. She tastes his blood.

Jace and gang take Simon's van to a graveyard to find weapons since they couldn't take any from the Institute.

Isabelle leaves to go talk to a Seelie to see if she can glean information from him about the vampires.

Clary is looking for the grave they are trying to find. Alec talks to Jace. He is the voice of reason. He doesn't trust Clary and is questioning Jace's motives.

Clary finds the grave they are looking for. It's full of the weapons they need. Alec apologizes to Jace for things he said and shows his loyalty. He leaves to go back to the Institute to get his arrows.

Jace shows Clary how to use a blade. He tells her about his and Alec's bond with each other.

Back at the Hotel, Simon is still talking nonstop trying to get himself out of the situation. They stop time so he stops talking while they discuss the plan to lure Clary to the Hotel to try to get The Mortal Cup.

Isabelle meets with the Seelie, Meliorn. She seduces him to get information.

Back at the Institute, Alec is taking weapons.

Jace and Clary go to a biker bar. Clary doesn't understand what they are doing. He teaches her how to see beyond reality. She sees that the bikers are really vampires. 

He tells her to go up to one of the vamps and flirt. She does. He casts an encanto on her. She's enraptured. Jace just watches.

Camille is putting the same spell on Simon. He starts spilling secrets, including that Clary's memories have been wiped. Camille realizes Magnus is behind it.

Back at Meliorn's place, he and Isabelle are laying in bed. She is working on gathering more information about how to breach the hotel. It seems that Meliorn is dating Camille as well.

Alec is working on his arrows when Hodge shows up. He knows Clary is Valentine's daughter. He also knows that Alec is up to something, but he lets it pass.

Clary is still entranced by the biker vamp. Jace finally comes to her aid. They fight. He ends up getting the keys to the bike. He and Clary hop on the bike and take off. It's fueled by demon energy so it can fly. They are in warp speed traveling to the Hotel.

Simon is in a heavy make out session with Camille. He's been drinking blood. He tastes her neck.

Isabelle is waiting for Alec in the Hotel's basement. They are going to provide a diversion for Jace and Clary.

Camille stops making out with Simon as she realizes there are shadowhunters in the Hotel. She tells a couple of her men to start hunting for them.

Simon is a bit woozy from his session with Camille. He seems drunk.

Clary and Jace are on the roof of the Hotel. He draws a couple of runes on her to protect her from the vampires. They talk about love and Clary realizes he's never been in love.

Alec and Isabelle are walking through the basement. They come upon a door. Turns out there's a bunch of vampires on the other side. The vampires see them and start chasing them. Alec and Isabelle block the door. Eventually, the vamps get through and they fight them off.

Alec and Isabelle meet up with Jace and Clary in the upper rooms of the Hotel. The biker vamp and some others show up. A fight ensues. Clary kills her first downworlder.

Simon is still under the spell, but realizes that Clary and friends are on their way. He calls out for Clary. Raphael grabs him. He tells Camille to escape through the tunnels.

Clary and gang get into the room where Simon is. Raphael holds a knife to Simon, threatening to kill him. He orders them to put their weapons down. They do.

He takes them to the roof of the building and makes them go outside. He hides in the darkness. He pushes Simon their way.

On the roof, they are all stunned. Clary finally snaps out of it and hugs Simon. Jace, Alec, and Isabelle walk to an upper level of the roof. Jace watches the goings on between Simon and Clary. He doesn't look happy. Alec talks to Jace again about Clary and his dislike for her. Jace yells at him to stop. Alec walks off. Clary and Simon break from their embrace. Clary looks up at Jace. Simon notices the looks the two are giving each other.

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Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Pay grade? They pay vampires?


I don't need a spokesman. I need a plan.