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Jace is still angry about his father being Valentine. 

He and Clary ask Simon for help in getting to Camille to find the Book of the White.

Maryse is horrified that Alec not only kissed a man, but a downworlder.

Magnus is concerned Alec might be changing his mind.

Magnus and Alec find Lydia knocked out on the floor. She's still alive.

Izzy is looking through security videos and finds that Hodge is the culprit and stole the Cup.

Hodge turns the Cup over to Valentine, who then dismisses him. Valentine puts the cup in a vat of blood, it purifies the blood, he has one guy drink the liquid and he is now a super shadowhunter.

Jace is beyond angry and no one can calm him down. He leaves to find Hodge. Alec goes with him. Jace calls Luke to tell him the what happened.

Izzy and Clary meet with Raphael who is not interested in letting them see Camille. He will, however, let them look through some of her things.

Jace finds Hodge and is about to kill him when Alec and Luke show up. Jace cuts off Hodge's ring hand and gets the ring. He puts the ring on to summon Valentine. Valentine asks him to join the darkside.

Izzy is looking through Camille's things, but Simon and Clary aren't there. Raphael catches on.

Jace disappears with Hodge. Alec calls him, but Jace won't return.

Izzy starts fighting with Raphael to stall him, but Raphael takes off.

Clary and Simon open Camille's coffin. She wants to kill Clary, but Simon stops her. She tells them the Book of White is in her apartment.

Jace interrogates Hodge and tortures him.

Raphael catches Simon and Clary and sends the vamps to kill them, but Izzy saves the day by breaking through the wall, creating a sunlight barrier allowing them to escape.

Camille says she'll help only if Simon gives her a transmutation saying that he asked her to turn him into a vampire.

He agrees. They visit Magnus who writes up the writ. Clary tries to convince Simon not to do it.

Camille taunts Magnus and kisses him right as Alec and Izzy walk in. Izzy is not happy.

Alec tells everyone that Valentine has the Cup.

After Simon signs the writ, Camille says she doesn't know exactly where the Book of White is because Dot hid it while she wasn't looking, so the team will have to search the entire apartment.

Jace summons Valentine with the ring and tells him he'll joing him, but Valentine doesn't buy it. He threatens Clary and the others.

Jace calls Clary to warn her, but Clary says they're not leaving until they find the book. The guy who drank from the Cup is watching outside.

Clary finds the Book of the White. It was a cookbook.

Jace gets to the apartment just as Valentine arrives via a portal.

Valentine doesn't want the book, but he wants Jace. He tells Jace his men will kill all of them unless he joins them. Jace does.

The team arrives back at the Institute.

Magnus explains Camille to Alec. Alec is concerned about the age difference.

Magnus performs the spell on Jocelyn and she wakes up.

Valentine and Jace are on a huge tanker with Valentine's very large new army of shadowhunters.


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