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Sebastian catches Jace playing the piano. Jace says he's moved on from Clary and simply having fun with Maia.

Alec, as the new head of the New York Institute, plans to have the Downworlders visit the Institute regularly to repair bridges. He also plans to send Jace and Clary to the Seelie court to meet the Seelie Queen.

Luke is the only holdout from joining the new group. His demand is to either destroy the Soul Sword or for Valentine to die.

Simon accompanies Simon and Clary to the Seelie realm.

Alec asks Magnus to attend the council only as a warlock representative, not as his boyfriend. His mother arrives and reveals that her marriage is over, but she isn't seeking a divorce yet.

Izzy is feeling anxious with her mother in town. Her mom doesn't know about the yin fen addiction.

A mysterious person calls Luke and offers him the chance to kill Valentine. As he's about to ask for more, his partner Holly arrives and presses him for more information. He lies about his plans.

The Seelie Queen is a little girl. The queen requests to see their angel powers, but they refuse as they're still learning. She reveals that she killed Kayleigh's accomplice.

The Clave isn't willing to kill Valentine just yet. Luke is furious and demands that he be killed. When it doesn't look that way, he accepts the offer from the mysterious stranger on the phone.

The Seelie Queen offers Simon a new partnership. She wants to work together and protect the survival of the Downworlders; she doesn't trust the Shadowhunters.

Raphael confronts Sebastian about his interest in Isabelle. The two come to a head and Sebastian urges the vampire to leave her alone as they're still addicted to each other.

As the group plans to leave the court, deadly vines grab onto Simon and Jace. The Seelie Queen demands that Clary kiss the one "her heart most desires" to stop the vines from killing them. She kisses Simon, but it doesn't work. She then kisses Jace and the vines go away. Simon leaves the group in heartbreak.

Isabelle's mother comes clean about leaving her husband. Isabelle admits that she always knew. She comes clean about her addiction to yin fen.

Luke tries to kill Valentine, but he's stopped by the Shadowhunters. Alec pardons Luke and vows to find the mole in the Institute.

Isabelle wants to make things work with Raphael, but he turns her down.

Simon refuses to open the door when Clary comes to see him. He starts practice music to drown out her knocking at the door.

Holly has a photo of a wolf on her phone.

It's revealed Sebastian is the one who called Luke. He's also holding someone hostage in his apartment.

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Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Simon: So you're not mad that I'm here?
Seelie Queen: On the contrary, I was hoping your friends would invite you along tonight. The "Daylighter rock star."
Simon: Certainly is a notion.
Seelie Queen: I've mentored some of the greatest Seelie musicians. Ever heard of Sia...or Bjork? I can help you too. You can visit my court any time; play your music as my nymphs tend to your every need.
Simon: Why would you do that for me?
Seelie Queen: Because I want to be friends...allies. I feel darker times are coming, Simon. And my feelings are rarely wrong.

Seelie Queen: It's simple really; all I ask is a kiss.
Clary: You want one of us to kiss you?
Seelie Queen: The game isn't for me. It's for you, Clary. The kiss that will set them free is the kiss you most desire. I suggest you move quickly. Once the vines reach their necks, the boys will be dead...dead...dead.
Clary: Jace is wrong; this is exactly like middle school.
Simon: Clary, just kiss me so we can go home.
[She kisses him and the vines tighten]
Clary: Why are the vines still here?
Seelie Queen: Why do you think?
Clary: I did what you asked.
Simon: Clary...
Seelie Queen: You can fool yourself but not the Vitas Veritas.
[She goes to Jace]
Clary: This means nothing.
[They kiss and the vines loosen]