Lives in Jeopardy - Sharp Objects
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When Camille gets home, the family is sitting at the table, Amma with a wreath around her head. They're celebrating the capture of the killer, John.

Amma is very ill or very high.

Camille locks eyes with her mother and there isn't much lost between them.

Adora pulls Amma away from the table for some "mothering" when Camille suggests Amma stay with her in St. Louis for a while. Instead of letting her sister take the punishment, Camille falls to the floor as if she's in severe pain.

She's taken to bed by mama and mothered.  

Vickery wakes up when the electricity pops.

Amma wakes better than she was the day before.

John tells Richard and Bill he didn't kill his sister, and he stayed with Ashley because he didn't have the heart to break up with her. When they tell him blood was found in the carriage house, John couldn't believe it. He fell apart.

Richard doesn't think it was John, but Bill still wants to push.

When Bill runs into Alan at the barbershop, Alan implies Amma might be Bill's child.

Amma visits Camille to see how she's doing after taking mother's help. Camille asks Amma to go find Richard and tell him they need him, and if anything happens to her to tell him mama took care of her. On her way out, she runs into Alan who tells her it is not the time to insert herself. 

Camille asks all the things she wanted to ask of Adora but couldn't when she wasn't sick. She's done with her second bottle of medicine when Richard arrives. Alan turns up the music to mask Camille's faint cry for help. 

Amma is in the bedroom playing in her dollhouse. She stayed to be a good girl.

Richard leaves, trying to call Camille. While she is on the bathroom floor close to dying, she's recalling Marian.

The flashing lights of red and blue are outside and on the ceiling. Adora screams for Alan, but Richard and Frank are right there. 

And within minutes Adora is arrested and Amma is living with Camille. 

Camille writes a beautiful piece about the mystery, but her mother never cops to the murders. Because she didn't kill the other girls. 

Amma did it with the help of her friends.

Sharp Objects
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Sharp Objects Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Bill: What do you think? Is he gonna crack?
Richard: Almost everyone does if you push them hard enough -- even if they're innocent.

Richard: If you listen to all the talk around here, everyone's crazy or evil.
Bill: Only half of it's true.
Richard: That's what I'm worried about. We're lookin' at the wrong half.