Richard: If you listen to all the talk around here, everyone's crazy or evil.
Bill: Only half of it's true.
Richard: That's what I'm worried about. We're lookin' at the wrong half.

Bill: What do you think? Is he gonna crack?
Richard: Almost everyone does if you push them hard enough -- even if they're innocent.

Adora: You're back early.
Alan: I wasn't feeling well.
Adora: Neither was Camille. She's already finished a bottle, poor thing.
Alan: Don't go overboard.
Adora: What?
Alan: [sighs] I mean, let the girls rest. The body's a miraculous thing. Let them do its work.
Adora: I will. I'm just helping nature along.

Camille: What's in the blue bottle?
Adora: I've waited for this for so long. For you to need me. Of my three girls, you're the one most like me. Marian, she was a good girl. She needed constant attention, stuck to my side.
Camille: You killed her.
Adora: She was a very sick little girl. [laughs] You're delirious.

Vickery: I'm off to protect and serve.
Jackie: Off to mix and serve. HAHAHAHA

Amma: She gave you the blue.
Camille: No, I didn't want it.
Amma: You know what my favorite part about getting wasted it? Mama takes care of me after.
Camille: I think you can take care of yourself.
Amma: I want mama, and she wants me like this.

What? Your dead sister is too good for my dead sister? [laughs] Whatever.


John: People think I did it just because I cry about it.
Camille: You're a guy. Guys aren't allowed to have soft emotions.

Richard: Where do you want to begin?
Camille: It's not how it looks. I know that sounds cliche, but...
Richard: This room fuckin' stinks of you. Believe me; I know the smell.

It hurts me that you don't trust me to do the best for you.


Go ahead, Camille. Prove you're not dead.


John: It's like they took the two girls in Wind Gap with minds of their own and just killed them off. Do you think they would have been friends? Marian and Natalie?
Camille: Hell no.

Sharp Objects Quotes

Wind Gap. There was a murder there. Another one's missing. Get me a story.


What if, after you die, part of you goes to heaven, part of you stays here, just to see how things turn out?