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Meet Jimmy -- he's a mess. He's high and partying with sex workers in his backyard at three in the morning. The noise disturbs his neighbor Liz, who shames him into shutting it down.

Later that morning, Jimmy's teenage daughter is going about the kitchen getting ready for school. A hungover Jimmy apologizes for the noise, but Alice has long since given up on her dad and simply tells him Liz is giving her a ride to school before leaving.

Jimmy arrives late to the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Center where he works as a therapist. He sees several patients, and their litany of complaints frustrate him. Finally, Jimmy snaps and tells a patient, Grace, to leave her emotionally abusive husband, and she agrees.

At the work kitchen, Jimmy meets with his colleagues Paul and Gaby and asks if they should be more proactive about making patients change theiir behavior. Paul warns against becoming a psychological vigilante.

Back in his office, Jimmy has his first meeting with Sean, a young veteran with anger management issues. The session doesn't go well, and Sean cuts it short.

At home, Jimmy pathetically spies on Alice hanging out with Liz. Liz tells Jimmy to get back in the parenting game.

Jimmy's next session with Sean is interupted when Grace calls to tell him she left her husband. This gives Jimmy the confidence boost to tell Sean to stick with him as his therapist. He takes Sean to an MMA gym to physically workout his problems.

Afterwards, over popsicles, Jimmy tells Sean his wife died in a car accident last year. In turn, Sean starts to open up to Jimmy.

Paul finds out Jimmy has been taking Sean to an MMA gym and expresses concern. However, Jimmy convinces Paul to let him continue his overly involved with patients' lives method. 

On the street, a guy bumps into Sean, but he controls his temper. Jimmy is thrilled with Sean's progress and wants to celebrate. Sean reminds Jimmy of Alice's soccer game and convinces him she'd want him there.

Jimmy and Sean race to the game first by car and then on foot and make it there as it just started.

Grace's husband marches up to Jimmy and begins wailing on him. Sean defends Jimmy and is arrested.

Alice approaches a beaten Jimmy and thanks him for coming. Jimmy tells Alice she looks like her mom.


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