Liz, Gaby and the Rock Tumbler - Shrinking Season 1 Episode 4
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Liz brings Jimmy apology bagels for telling Paul about Sean crashing at Jimmy's house. Jimmy assures Liz things will be fine because Paul never stays mad at him for long.

Paul talks to his daughter Meg over the phone about her upcoming visit.

During a therapy session Jimmy tells Sean they're ready to go deeper and discuss Sean's time in Afghanistan. Sean says he's not, and Jimmy agrees to drop the subject for now. 

Jimmy tries to get Paul to advise him on how to get Sean to open up. Paul says Sean won't open up because he now considers Jimmy his friend and roommate and refuses to discuss work further with him. 

Brian stops by Paul's office to review Paul's estate plan. Brian advises Paul to Meg about his Parkinson's diagnosis.

Jimmy's session with Wally goes badly when Jimmy mistakenly gives the impression he's romantically interested in her.

Jimmy comes home and finds Alice and Gaby hanging out. At Gaby's urging, Alice tells Paul she had sex with Liz's son Connor.  

Jimmy runs into Liz and yells at her about Connor and Liz always butting into Jimmy's life.  Gaby overhears it all.

At Paul's office, Paul and Liz talk, but Paul can't bring himself to tell her about his Parkinson's.

Jimmy and Sean argue about Sean's refusal to discuss Afghanistan.

Gaby goes over to Liz's place and tells Liz she didn't deserve Jimmy ripping into hear. Gaby allows Liz to vent, and they decide to get drunk.

Jimmy talks things out with Connor and then goes to Liz's to apologize and then drinks with Liz and Gaby. They warn Jimmy about Alice's crush on Sean.

Jimmy apologizes to Sean, and they watch a baseball game together. Alice stops by to see Sean, but he's asleep. Jimmy realizes Gaby and Liz were right about Alice and Sean. 



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Shrinking Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Liz: I'm sorry. I hate getting people in trouble when they don't deserve it.
Jimmy: And when they do deserve it?
Liz: Well, that's my favorite thing.

Jimmy: Where should we start?
Sean: Why do we come all the way here when we can just talk at home?
Jimmy: Sean, my notebook's here.