Sarcastic Alice - Shrinking Season 1 Episode 3
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Jimmy crashes his patient's, Alan, date to give him dating advice.

Alice isn't happy about Sean crashing at her home and upset he threw away a dead orchid.

As Sean roots throw the garbage to find the orchid, Pam, a neighbor, questions what he's doing.  Liz tells Pam to go away. She finds out about Sean staying at Jimmy's house.

Jimmy and Brian go hiking and encounter Donny, Grace's husband, on the trial.

Paul's doctor gives him a positive medical review.  They discuss his emotional health.

Things are awkward between Gaby and her husband, Nico. However, Gabby remains excited about taking her new car out for a spin.

Paul rear ends Gaby's car.  Jimmy and Gaby suggest they drive Paul to work.

Paul and Alice meet at the park.  They discuss his Parkinson's Disease and if Alice had dinner with Jimmy. Paul advises Alice to listen to sad song and let herself grieve for 15 minutes.

Jimmy pulls up to a gas station and sees Gaby kissing someone who isn't Nico.

Jimmy, Gaby, and Brian go to a cornhole bar.  Jimmy confronts Gaby about the kiss.  Gaby says she getting divorced and is ok.

Alice follows Paul's advice and then has dinner with Jimmy.

The next day Paul nearly runs over Jimmy and mentions he passed his driver's assessment.

Jimmy has a Zoom session with Grace who is grateful Jimmy made her leave Donny.

Jimmy discusses Gaby's divorce with Paul and his discomfort about her happiness over the situation. Paul says he can't dictate how others grieve and gives him the 15 minutes advice.

Jimmy listens to a sad song while biking and crashes into an open car door.

Alice and Jimmy start to bond, and Liz is concerned about how flirty they act.

Jimmy goes to Gaby's, and Gaby is a wreck about the divorce. She confesses to missing Tia. Jimmy understands and promises to be there.

Liz confronts Paul about Sean staying with Jimmy, which Paul didn't know about.

Paul calls Jimmy to berate him. Jimmy thanks Paul for being Alice's support. Emotionally overwhelmed, Paul hangs up.

The next morning Paul takes Gaby up on her offer for her to drive them to work.

Jimmy goes hiking. He calls Paul to brag about how great everything is going and sees Grace back together with Donny. 


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