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Nate finds Jimmy at home wearing a pair of his underwear because he threw all of his own clothes into the water because it smelled like Lydia. He’s even drinking One Is the Loneliest Lager. At first Jimmy tells Nate that Lydia broke up with him but when he remembers the conversation, he realizes he actually broke up with her by saying perhaps they didn’t have a future because he was too scared to make choices about one.

Harrison tries to commiserate with Lydia. He encourages her to sell the house because maybe they both need to move on from the memories. Later, Lydia gets a call from Bob Babcock. They’ve sold the house and now he’d like to take Lydia out on a date. Lydia says yes. 

Jimmy is curled up on the sofa, crying because the TVGuide channel is too many choices for him. Nate realizes that Jimmy is bad at making decisions for himself because Nate always makes them for him. Nate turns his Prius into a Back to the Future inspired time machine and with the help of Atticus and one of Sam’s songs, tries to show Jimmy what his life will be like if he doesn’t make a decision about Lydia. When Jimmy hears that Lydia is going on a date with Bob Babcock, he runs to stop it with his friends in tow. 

Harrison presents Lydia with the signed divorce papers. She’s thrilled and hugs him, then he smells her perfume and finds out she’s going out on a date with Bob Babcock and snatches the papers back. Harrison follows Lydia to her date with Bob.

Jimmy stops Lydia before she meets Bob. He tells her, “I’m just starting out and you’re just staring over. I would really love it if we could do that together.” He also says that the condo is too expensive for him and that he’ll never be able to chip in enough to feel like her partner so is she willing to rent someplace together instead. Lydia happily says yes.

After Jimmy moves out of Nate’s place, Harrison moves in. Then Nate finds out Jimmy and Lydia are renting the place next door. 

Significant Mother
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Significant Mother Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Did you just lump in getting engaged with ending up homeless and dying?


Jimmy: I've never stolen your underwear.
Nate: Said the guy wearing my underwear.