Bear and Lena Together Again
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Gina visits Michael again, but this time the agents put a cover on his head and take him on a ride.

In the van, she threatens him, but he claims he gave her what she wanted. She tells him the Prince wasn't where she said he was.

He's worried about his family. She tells him they took her off his case. He gives her more information, but he's thrown to the ground and is picked up by another man who takes him to a place with locks of guns. His name is Amir. This must be a flashback.

Gina stops the van.

Dharma visits Caulder in the hospital. The guys are all there, including Trevor.

The doctor tells him that rehab is going to take about three months. Bear sends everyone home because they are going to deploy. Caulder is upset he's not going with.

Trevor tells the other guys a story in the hallway.

Buddha gets home and finds that Jackie changed the locks. She asks him if Annabelle is smoking pot. She asks her daughter straight out and she denies it.

Marissa is in the hotel room cleaning up. She looks at the pictures again and sees Annabellle's photo and something clicks in her mind.

Bear joins Lena for lunch at a restaurant. She's drinking a martini which surprises him. She's taking an art class and shows him her picture book. They leave the restaurant because he wants to show her something.

There's another flashback to Michael meeting a Russian guy that he tells Gina about in the van. He's meeting with the Prince who is using a punching bag. He's heard good things about Michael, but he doesn't trust him because he's American. He thinks Michael might be a CIA agent. Michael tries to convince him otherwise.

Fishbait visits his cousin at a strip club. He tries to take his cousin home, but the guy is drunk and falls over. He doesn't want to go home.

Chase is at another affair dressed in a suit at a hoity toity party. He meets up with a girl. It's an alumni function.

Bear takes Lena to an Aquarium center and tells her a story about a mission. He explains to her why he keeps everything in and why he always thinks about his job.

Flashback to Michael meeting the Prince. Gina wants to know why the Prince didn't kill him and he tells her via the flashback. He tells the Prince his vision and the Prince actually likes what he has to say.

Fishbait is with his cousin on the guy's front porch talking about being Muslim and what people think of them.

Chase is making out with the girl. They're going to get together. She goes to the bathroom to freshen up while he goes to the bar and tells a story. When she comes back, she's not too thrilled with his story.

Bear and Lena are at the park on a seesaw. They talk about their daughter, Sarah. He tells her about killing a boy in Falujah the day Sarah died and that he thinks Sarah dying is punishment for him killing the boy. She tells him how she found Sarah in the crib dead. Lena is pissed off that Bear thinks her death is related to the boy in Falujah. He walks away from her.

Another flashback. The Prince is at a mosque talking about the death of his family trying to bring them into his group. He takes Michael's vision as his own to convince these men to join him.

Gina isn't impressed with the story. She tells him that this is the last conversation he'll ever have then tells him a story about her mother and their relationship.

Michael is taken to an airplane hangar. He's going to be transported with some other prisoners. She's still pushing for information.

Dharma is still at the hospital with Caulder. They talk about the book she's reading. He has to go to the bathroom, but doesn't want to wait for the nurses so she helps him to the toilet. It sounds like he fell and she goes out for help but she can't find any. She finds him on the bathroom floor and he wants her to go away. The nurse comes in to help.

Back at the airfield, Michael has a flashback of him and the Prince. The Prince is telling Michael his story. He was thrown into the grave with his wife and kids.

Michael offers Gina some more information before he's put on the plane, but she's not impressed. Then, he decides to tell her about another grave from his flashback.

Flashback. Michael has to fight the kid in the grave. It's either him or the boy who will end up in the grave. Michael has to prove himself and kills the kid. The Prince is impressed and Michael is welcomed full fledge into the Prince's circle.

Buddha is telling Jackie about his mission. Annabelle wants to go with her friend, but Jackie won't let her. Buddha has a talk with his daughter while Jackie is getting her keys.

Jackie drops Annabelle off at school. It's the school that was in Marissa's picture. Jackie then goes to the shooting range to practice.

It's another flashback of a deal regarding a pipeline. Some guys are getting ready to raid. They're in masks. It's happening in Azerbaijan. The guy making the deal steps outside and the guys in the masks come in and take the Americans prisoner.

At the Hangar, Gina is contemplating Michael's information. Gina's boss comes in to tell Gina what's going on. They went into the grave Michael talked about and find that he was telling the truth. 

Michael isn't going on the plane. He's put back in Gina's charge.He realizes that she tricked him.

At Annabelle's high school, Marissa is there taking pictures of her.









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SIX Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

If the Prince finds you dead, so what. He wants a lot of people dead.

Gina [to Michael]

Bear: Talk to me. I want to know what's going on in your head.
Lena: Now you know how I feel.