Lex Luthor and Clark
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This is a continued recap from part one of the finale...

Meanwhile, Tess finds Lex at Luthorcorp. He stabs and kills Tess, but not before she infects him with a neurotoxin that wipes all of his memories.

Clark is now at the Fortress where he finally embraces his Kryptonian side. Jor-El explains to him that although his strength comes from his blood, his childhood and his upbringing and friends made him a hero. The supersuit appears and Jonathan hands it to him.

Clark then flies towards Apokolips but not before saving Air Force One which is starting to lose control. Lois grabs a camera and begins interviewing the president.

Clark pushes the planet away from Earth and rids the world of their Omega symbols.

The finale heads back into the future where Chloe has just finished reading her son the “Smallville” comic. She tucks him into bed as the camera pans over to a bow and arrow.

Lois is at the Daily Planet preparing for her wedding with Clark while dealing with Jimmy Olsen and Perry White’s tirade. A computer monitor shows that Lex Luthor has been elected President. Lois and Clark are finally about to leave to get married when a reporter yells there’s an elevator with a bomb in it.

Clark runs to the roof and rips open his shirt exposing the “S.”

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Smallville Season 10 Episode 22 Quotes

But if you look at history the great men and women of the world have always been defined by their enemies.


Clark: Lex.
Lex: You still say it the way way. Astonishment, mixed with a hint of dread, yet with a hopeful finish.