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The finale begins seven years in the future with Chloe reading to her son a comic book named “Smallville” that told the story of Clark Kent becoming Superman.

Back in the present the giant Apokolips planet is seen hurtling towards Earth. While Clark tries to convince Lois they should get married. Martha Kent is also back in town trying to convince Clark that facing his destiny doesn’t mean he needs to turn away from where he came from.

Chloe convinces Lois to read Clark’s vows. Lois realizes they truly are meant for each other. They finally walk down the aisle in front of their loved ones. After their vows, Chloe notices the Gold Kryptonite Ring and knocks it out of Oliver’s hand.

Clark and Oliver fight. Clark refuses to give up on Oliver. Oliver eventually wins out over the darkness and destroys the ring.

Elsewhere, Tess is visited by Granny Goodness who tries to bring her over to the dark side once again. Tess refuses and learns of the upcoming Apokolips. As she attempts to warn everyone she is kidnapped by Lionel.

Tess, according Lionel, is going to fulfill her destiny as Luthor. By giving up her heart for Lex. Who has taken the best of every clone he made to create a copy that only needs a heart. Tess manages to escape after shooting Lionel. Darkseid offers to trade Lex’s life for Lionel’s soul. He accepts.

Clarks follow Tess’s tracks to the Luther mansion and comes face to face with Lex. Lex explains to Clark that their destiny hasn’t started yet and before they can begin Clark needs to defeat Darkseid.

Lois sneaks on Air Force One to warn the president that trying to nuke Apokolips won’t help things. In fact, it can potentially wipe out a third of the population. They already know this and are willing to accept the losses if it means thwarting the danger.

As Clark heads to the fortress from the farm he’s confronted by Lionel Luthor, who’s being possessed by Darkseid. Darkseid tries to kill Clark knowing he is the light bringer who can kill him. Jor-El enters Clark’s consciousness and tells him it’s time to embrace his destiny. Clark is now, finally, able to fly and vanquishes Darkseid.

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Smallville Season 10 Episode 21 Quotes

You don't need to hold onto somebody Clark if they're already in your heart.


Just because I'm moving ahead with my life doesn't mean I'm letting go of everything that came before.