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On the premiere episode..

- Clark teetered on the brink of death following his fall and had a conversation with JorEl about his fate, during which he saw Lex in shadow.  Lois removed the blue kryptonite dagger and hid from Clark's sight while he revived.

- Oliver was being held by presumably the Suicide Squad; Chloe risked her sanity to save Ollie when she put on Dr. Fate's helmet and located him, exchanging herself for his freedom.

- Tess woke up in Cadmus Labs with a restored face to discover a slew of Lex clones in varying states of health; she let a particularly evil clone loose, while discovering a small child who called himself "Alexander"; Tess took him back home with her.

- The older Lex clone (Clex) abducted Lois from the Kent farm and tied her to a stake in the cornfield with a red S on her chest. He setup a bomb to go off atop the Daily Planet at the same time Lois was in danger of being burned at the stake; Clark rescued both.

- Just as Clark was about to put on the Super suit, Jor-El pulled him to the Fortress and chastised him for developing a vain and prideful spirit, saying he would never be Earth's greatest savior and wouldn't be able to protect them from an impending darkness that would threaten Earth.

- Lois decided to leave Metropolis after Clex called her Clark's greatest weakness.

- Jonathan Kent appeared to Clark to discuss his fate and offer encouragement, expressing his faith in his son while echoing Jor-El's warning of a dark threat coming.

- Darkseid made a brief appearance atop The Daily Planet.

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Smallville Season 10 Episode 1 Quotes

Just like me, you are your own worst enemy.


Lois [looking at the Super suit)]: So much better in technicolor.