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Viral videos of The Blur in action cause Lois to urge Clark to wear a disguise, but he resists.

Chloe and Oliver go out to dinner and assume the identities of another couple, the Joneses, and take their reservation when they don't show.  Oliver gets a phone call from "Mrs. Jones" who then gets murdered in a warehouse along with several others hanging from the rafters.  

They get taken into custody by FBI agents and discover the Joneses were undercover agents researching The Darkness.  They track down the investigation to Desaad's club and Chloe gets taken by Desaad.

Chloe starts having hallucinations which are lures by Desaad, based on the seven deadly sins, to embrace the darkness, but she resists.  Clark frees her, but Oliver confronts Desaad, who tells him Chloe is dead to play on his emotions. Oliver gives in and starts to beat Desaad, but Clark intervenes.

Clark tells Lois he recognizes now the need to disguise his identity, but that the disguise should be Clark, not The Blur, and that it doesn't matter what he is called , but who he is that should define him.

Chloe expresses to Oliver that she's felt like she's lost most of who she is, but that her love for him is what keeps her together. 

Oliver is revealed to have an Omega Symbol on his brain. 

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Smallville Season 10 Episode 14 Quotes

I'll be ready, hiding in plain sight.


Oliver: I made this bed. It's time that I sleep in it.
Chloe: You don't have to do it alone.