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Lois and Clark visit Jor-El to inform him of their desire to marry. Jor-El tells them if their lives are to be joined the two of them need to understand what it’s like to walk in each others shoes and gives Clarks powers to Lois.

Lois is excited to spend a day in Clark’s shoes until she starts to realize just how much of a burden they can be. It eventually culminates to her being manipulated by Toyman’s brain controlling diode in an effort to try to save Clark from being killed by his fellow villains.

Unfortunately for Lois, Toyman orders her to destroy the Blur. Clark is able to stall her long enough to get his powers back at sunset and rips the diode off of her.

Lois is unable to deal with potentially being, in her eyes, Clark’s greatest weakness and tells him she can’t marry him.

Meanwhile, Kara and Oliver search for Orion’s Bow. Kara is eventually called by Jor-El and heads off to the future using the Legion Ring. When Oliver finds the bow Granny Goodness shows up and destroys it. Using the mark, she exerts control over Oliver and he is last seen digging up Gold Kryptonite.

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Smallville Season 10 Episode 20 Quotes

I'm starting to regret not packing my intergalactic dictionary right about now. Oh wait, these are Celtic.


Life unions? When did you start being so romantic?