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Tess brought Alexander to Clark, explaining that he has DNA from half Lex and half Clark. Clark decided to try and train Alexander, who is going by Connor now due to a lab designation C.N.R., to use his abilities. When Connor realized Clark had lied to him about his origin, he set out to discover on his own and was influenced with a red kryptonite ring by Lionel, which drew out Lex's evil.

Lois and Tess decided to look into Lionel's coverup of his assumption of original Lionel's identity to see if they could out him as a phony. Tess was taken by Lionel, but Connor rescued her only because he had feelings for her. When she didn't return them, he tried to kill her but Clark intervened and destroyed the ring.

Clark offered to let Connor stay at the farm so he can continue to mentor him, and suggested he adopt the last name Kent so he could attend Smallville High.

Tess managed to discover that Lionel's fingerprints were mirror images of this world's Lionel and used that as a basis to take back control of Luthercorp.

Lionel visited Lex's grave, lamenting what they could have accomplished together, when Darkseid appeared to him out of a swirling black cloud.

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Smallville Season 10 Episode 16 Quotes

Lionel: You can't hide Alexander from me forever.
Tess: I'm saving him from an encore performance of Daddy Dearest.

So it's not just the Luthor males who like secrets.