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Clark's mom sent he and Lois the deed to the farm, presumably for them to sell it.

Clark Luthor arrived in this world and sent Clark back to his world to arrive at Oliver's funeral, destroying the crystal in the process. Ultraman (Clark Luthor) killed Oliver because he had warned everyone in Metropolis that meteor rocks would protect them against Ultraman. When Alt-Lois realized the it was Clark Kent at the funeral she helped him escape detection.

Clark came face to face with Jonathan in the alternate world who had become bitter and had lost the farm but was still living in it like a homeless man trying to hold on to it. He held Clark, thinking he was Clark Luthor, to claim the reward him to try and get the farm back, but Clark convinced him he was not from this world and gave Jonathan hope enough to seek Martha, who had deserted him years ago.

Emil and Lois pieced back together the crystal Clark had tried to destroy months ago and brought Clark back to his home world.

Clark Luthor threatened Tess into helping him hunt down Lionel. She double-crossed him and as he was preparing to kill her, Clark came and rescued her, lured Clark Luthor to the Fortress and sent him back to his world with the knowledge that Jor-El was waiting there to guide him to a better future.

Clark returned to the farm and told Lois he had been holding onto the farm and the memories because he was afraid he would lose who he was if he did. Lois assured him she would never let that happen.

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Smallville Season 10 Episode 17 Quotes

Clark Kent if I wasn't late I'd kick your bulletproof ass right now.


Lois: Someone wants to forget that the two nights I was home, he was cavorting around in Bangkok.
Clark: They had floods.