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A look at the night's performances:

Adechike with Lauren Gottlieb, hip-hop choreographed by Dave Scott: AdeChike really came alive this week with this one.

Ashley Galvan with Ade Obayomi, contemporary choreographed by Dee Caspary: Showcased Ade as much as Ashley, but both shined in one of the best of the year so far.

Billy Bell's solo: This guy's flexibility is off the hook, and his sense of humor and character aren't bad either.

Robert Roldan with Courtney Galiano, jazz choreographed by Sonya Tayeh: Robert's tribute to his mom probably earned a lot of votes despite lackluster quality.

Jose Ruiz's solo: He is incredibly strong and fast.

Melinda Sullivan with Pasha Kovalev, salsa choreographed by Fabian Sanchez: She's really struggling to stay afloat.

Kent Boyd's solo: Not a lot of dancing, really.

Alex's solo: What the heck was that? It was awesome, regardless.

Lauren Froderman with Neil Haskell, Broadway choreographed by Joey Dowling: Sexy and strong ... no surprise.

Ashley's solo: That's some hair!

Billy with Kathryn McCormick, contemporary choreographed by Stacy Tookey: He needs to work on partnering.

Robert's solo: More about movement than dance.

Jose with Anya Garnis, samba choreographed by Dmitry Chaplin: Jose somehow sold yet another mismatched routine.

Melinda's solo: Seemingly at odds with the music.

Kent with Allison Holker, jazz choreographed by Mandy Moore: A little fake. Judges knocked him down a peg.

Adechike's solo: Fluid. Solid.

Lauren's solo: Gorgeous. Sensual.

Alex with tWitch, hip-hop choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon D'Umo: Awesome. Just awesome.

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