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This week on Sons of Anarchy:

Jimmy O tells Jax that Abel is not in Belfast, and gets an SoA member to lie for him so Jax will buy it.

Clay's hand problem starts acting up again, so Jax ties his hands on the bike so he can ride.

Jax and Clay head to Nate's house to get Gemma and help make sure Nate gets situated at the nursing home.

Piney, Bobby and Happy go to a friend of Piney's that deals prescription drugs.  They need to get scripts for a bunch of Sons that need them, but they find a group of crank dealers that are trying to steal the drugs.  After a shootout, SAMCRO gets back up so that they can get out of there safely.

Tara wants to go with Jax and everyone else to Canada and Jax is not happy about it.

Gemma and Tara take Nate to the nursing home, but Nate forgets what is going on and doesn't want to go.

Father Ashby explains to Maureen that Jimmy has lost sight of what the IRA is about and they need SAMCRO's help to deal with him.

Gemma goes back to Charming to be with Abel but she obviously can't find him.  She runs all around town looking for him until she gets a call from Maureen telling her Abel is in Belfast. 

Sons of Anarchy
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Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Tig: Maybe you go red head for a while.
Gemma: Aw shit, I'd rather shave my head.

Her biggest regret... losing you. Don't let your family slip away.

Nate (to Gemma)