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SAMCRO is back in Charming, but their problems are not over.  Tara is still being held by Salazar, so they set out to find the ex-Calavars President.

Opie goes to Gemma for advice on his situation with Lyla. She tells him to marry her so Lyla will stop working in porn.  Later on, he proposes to her on a rooftop.

The plan is to take Salazar alive so that he can rat on Hale being dirty and Unser can keep Charming PD around.

Jimmy O is hiding out with the Russians, while his number two hits the streets to get 700,000 dollars together so they can get to South America.

Gemma kidnaps Stahl for a little while and tries to convince her to give up on the deal she has with Jax.

Salazar takes Tara and adds Hale to his hostage situation. Jax makes his way in to trade himself for Tara, but gets the gun away from Salazar instead. Jax chases him through the building until he stabs him to death with his own knife.

Stahl, freaking out about what went down, kills her partner so that she can pin everything on her.

Tara and Jax go to the hospital where they see that the soon to be baby is as healthy as can be.

Clay tries once again to vote Kozik into SAMCRO, but Tig votes against it.

Sons of Anarchy
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Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Donna begged me to give up the life ... I guess now I know how that feels.


I promise, everyone is gonna be okay.