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Gemma sets out to turn herself in, but Stahl explains to her that she is getting off scott free.  Gemma pleads with her to kill the deal with Jax, because it can only end badly.

Clay and Bobby visit Big Otto in jail to see if he can meet with Lenny the Pimp, who has connections with the Russians.  He lets Otto know that their only way to get Jimmy back is to pay off the Russians.

The Russians want $2 million for Jimmy, and they set up a spot for the transfer.  Chucky reveals that he has $5 million in fake money from a counterfeit operation he was helping with.  SAMCRO gets Stahl to kick in $250 k of real money to put on top.

The trade goes down smoothly.  SAMCRO rides off, transfers Jimmy O into Tara's trunk, and leaves the empty van for Stahl to find.  Jax makes sure that Stahl signs her statement moving the Sons' sentence down from 15 years to three.  

Once Stahl gets her hands on Jimmy O at the club, she lets the rest of SAMCRO know that Jax was ratting out to the ATF.  The Feds then take the Sons away to prison.  

Unser chases down Stahl and tells her that some of Jimmy's men are going to be waiting for them up the road.  Stahl sends her men up to check it out while Unser waits back with her and Jimmy.  The four Sons that weren't on the trade show up in a school bus.  Chibs murders Jimmy O and then Opie murders Stahl.

They then let the rest of the Sons know that the deed was done, and it is revealed that Jax, Clay and the entirety of SAMCRO had been in on everything for a while.  

Tara finds John's letters to Maureen that were in Jax's backpack. In them he reveals that when he died it was at the hands of Gemma and Clay.

Sons of Anarchy
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Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Something will go wrong. Somebody will get hurt. I promise you, it'll end badly.


Tig: You're the best, Kimosabe.
Unser: That ain't funny.
Tig: Yes it is.