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It's Ben's final day as a rookie on the season finale of Southland.

-Josie finds out that Lydia is sleeping with her son and she isn’t happy. She tells Lydia she isn’t sure if their partnership can continue.

-John’s back pain and drug problem become worse. When Ben chases after a suspect, John can’t keep up. Ben is beaten and the suspect falls to his death from a rooftop. Ben tells John either he checks into rehab tonight or Ben tells the Watch Commander to drug test him. John checks himself in.

-Dewey tries to help a drug addicted hooker who doesn’t want to be helped. Chickie has an interview to transfer over to Metro.

-Nate’s killer is shot and killed when he shoots a police officer who is trying to arrest him on unrelated assault charges. Sammy is there to watch him die and reminds him of what he did to Nate.

-Tammy has the baby and she and Sammy name their son Nathaniel. Sammy decides he wants to go back to being a uniformed officer.  He is now Ben’s new partner.

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Southland Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

You'll always be a baby to us.


Sometimes you can't think about. You've just got to make that leap.