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-Sammy's attitude begins to soften towards Ben. They arrest a prostitute but her 13 year old daughter is given back to her father, the pimp because he doesn't have a record. Later they find the mother beaten. The father is forcing his daughter into prostitution.

-Ben can't let the case go. He turns the daughter over to child protective services and after work finds the father and beats him up. Sammy finds him and breaks it up but later tells Ben that he won't risk his job and his pension if Ben ever does something like this again.

-The boy Tang shot wakes up. Cooper still questions what Tang said about the shooting and visits his sponsor. Tang is interviewed for the Sargent's promotion.

-Ruben and Lydia investigate the death of a pregnant nanny who was sending her employer's husband sexy pictures. Turns out it was a robbery gone wrong that caused her death. 

-Lydia's mother is disappointed that Terrell is the father of Lydia's baby as he's married and has his own family.

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Southland Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Gallows humor. Whatever gets you through it, I guess.


Officer Ben Sherman is just trying to do the job without losing his soul.