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-Lydia and Ruben investigate a gang member's murder. Lydia lies to a young gang member to get information on the shooter. When they go to arrest their suspect, Lydia is attacked and Ruben intervenes in the nick of time.

-Lydia admits to Ruben that she is pregnant. She goes to her doctor's appointment and sees that she's bleeding, realizing how close a call it really was.

-The kid Tang shot has his breathing tube removed and says he's sure his toy gun had the orange tip. Tang lies and says it did not. Tang gets the promotion to Sergeant.

-Ben continues to try and help the prostitute and her daughter but the mother won't leave the streets and the daughter leaves her group home.

-Later, the pimp Ben beat up opens fire on Ben and Sammy in their police car. In the ensuing chase, a car slams into their driver's side door badly injuring Sammy.

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Give any knucklehead enough ammo and they'll hit something.