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Southland Season 4 Finale Photo
Watch Southland Season 4 Episode 10
Original Air Date:

Tang prepares to move to another precinct. Lydia is pressured to make a decision about her police duties during her pregnancy and Ben decides what kind of cop his going to be on the season finale of Southland.

Tang in Trouble
Watch Southland Season 4 Episode 9
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When Ben continues to try to help the prostitute and her daughter will there be consequences and will Tang come clean about her shooting incident on the latest Southland?

John Cooper in Action
Watch Southland Season 4 Episode 8
"God's Work"
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An investigation into the death of a nanny reflects back onto complications in Lydia's personal life. Can Ben save himself when he tries to help a prostitute's daughter on the latest Southland.

Lydia on the Job
Watch Southland Season 4 Episode 7
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Ben works for Sammy's forgiveness, Lydia continues to hide her pregnancy, and will Tang's bad day push Cooper over the edge the latest Southland?

Officer Tang
Watch Southland Season 4 Episode 6
"Integrity Check"
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Cooper and Tang babysit a documentary crew. Lydia is ordered to serve as shift supervisor for the day but will it be more than her body can handle on Southland.

A Southland Arrest
Watch Southland Season 4 Episode 5
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On Southland, as Lydia and Ruben investigate a home invasion, can John save a suicidal teenager from jumping to his death?

Ben to the Rescue?
Watch Southland Season 4 Episode 4
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How will Lydia deal with a life changing event? Will Cooper and Tang help a homeless vet and can Sammy save a dog he accidentally shot on the latest Southland?

Bottoms Up, Ben
Watch Southland Season 4 Episode 3
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Will somebody end up dead when Sammy leaves gang territory unattended on Hood Day and will Ben face the consequences of his video on Southland?

Lydia to the Rescue!
Watch Southland Season 4 Episode 2
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Will Tang and Cooper survive taking down a mountain of a man and how will the new Captain react when Ben loses his temper on the street on this week's Southland?

Southland Season 4 Premiere Pic
Watch Southland Season 4 Episode 1
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When John comes back to the force after back surgery, he finds partners and alliances have changed. On a violent "Wednesday" afternoon, will all of the Southland officers survive?

Southland Season 4 Quotes

I don't thing your pilates teacher's opinion should get more weight than the surgeon general.


Cops wake up different every morning from the rest of us. Our worst nightmare is just their Wednesday.