Southland Season Finale Review: What Kind of Cop are You?

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This season of Southland started with "Wednesday" and ended on "Thursday." Both normal sounding days, unless you're a member of the police.

Every cop has to make a decision about what kind of officer they want to be. Depending on the individual, those answers were wildly different. 

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It was Tang's last day before she moved on to her Sergeant's post at another station (and to CBS, of course). Where Cooper and Tang started off so strong, they ended on an all-time low. Cooper felt she put his life in danger by trying to play hero, but then the real issues hit the fan.

He couldn't believe she lied about shooting a kid in order to get ahead in her career. Tang shot back that she wasn't the only liar in their partnership. Everyone knew that Cooper's back rehab was about his drug use but they kept their mouths shut because he's a good cop. Tang expected the same treatment.

Is it the same? I don't think so. Although Cooper's hid his addiction, he did eventually get help. Somehow Tang letting a kid take the blame for the accidental shooting felt worse. That she did it to gain a promotion made it an even bigger disappointment. That little orange piece of plastic will always be a wedge between these two partners.

Back at the station, we found Lydia without Ruben. I loved that her doctor was willing to write her a letter for whatever she wanted. Stay in work until D-day, light duty, or stay out for the rest of the pregnancy. The doc had dealt with enough pushy patients to know they'll just find another doctor if she doesn't give them what they want.

I found it funny that stress on the baby was what got Lydia to make the tough choice, but getting hit in the abdomen, tackled and almost stabbed this season weren't enough of a reason to step down. Turned out that taking a statement from a badly burned child was the catalyst she needed. How very sad.

When she finally told Terrell that he was the daddy I was shocked by his reaction. He basically offered to leave his wife. I didn't see that coming.

Over at the hospital, it was good to see Sammy doing so well, but I couldn't believe how much responsibility he felt towards Ben. Sammy's been through so much and he really is a good guy. If only Ben would take his advice.

Officer Ferguson finally made his way back to work after the gunshot wound to the face. I heard a lot about Lou Diamond Phillips being on Southland this season so I was surprised that it was only for the first and last episodes but I enjoyed his character's limited story arc, nevertheless.

Ferguson saw through Ben every step of the way. The moment they tracked down the hooker's daughter, the picture of what truly happened was made clear.

Ben did a great thing, getting that girl to an organization that could help her and buying her a bus ticket to her grandparents home. Daniella now had a second chance at a new life if she's willing to take it.

Unfortunately, Ben Sherman didn't know how to let things go.  Eventually this job will eat him alive, if it isn't doing just that already.

So, is Ben the type of cop to carry a drop piece, hunt down a man, shoot him and make it look like it was justified? It looked like Ferguson thought so. And Sammy certainly had his doubts about his partner.

What type of cop is Ben Sherman? No one can know that but Ben.

If you missed any of the amazing moments from season 4, check out our Southland quotes page or catch up on all of our reviews.

Now bring on season 5.  I want more Southland.

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