Annoyed Sherrif Types - Stan Against Evil
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In 1867 another Sheriff was complaining about Willard's Mill when in walked a cowboy of sorts who even kept the Sheriff from drinking and riding.

Once in the sunshine, the fellow was gone.

The Sheriff had to poo very badly, but he kept hearing the sound of a pony. Who was vexing him?? A pony charged him and the credits rolled.

Present day and Stan is annoyed Evie changed the crime codes. Evie isn't in the mood because her ex, Kenny, is late bringing back Grace. Stan wonders why she doesn't just slap a transponder on his vehicle.

Kenny got Grace a pony named Daffodil that Evie gets to take care of because Kenny lives in an apartment in Boston.

Stan and Kenny bond over Kenny's camero while Evie builds a post in the back yard.

Denise worries that Daffodil will feel too small in such a big yard, so she aims to build him Pony Town. But Daffodil is already prancing about killing the neighbors.

Kenny admits to Stan he's in town to win back Evie. Stan invites him to sleep in Denise's room since she sleeps in the tire swing in the back yard anyway.

The werepony changes into the cowboy and appears while Evie is calling for Daffodil.

Leon then calls about a murder that Evie thinks is an animal attack.

Evie cannot believe Kenny is staying at Stan's so she doesn't even bother telling him about the attack.

When Kenny uses his wiles to get Evie back, the werepony doesn't like it one bit.

Back at Stan's, Kenny is eating ice cream and watching chick flicks. Stan is appalled. Right after they bought cargo shorts together like men?

Rusty the werecowpony tries to bond with Evie, but she's not having it.

Kenny is drinking a bottle of cheap rose wine and reading the articles in Juggs. Stan continues to be appalled.

The werecowpony pops into Evie's backyard again just when Kenny appears hoping to sleep on her porch.

He decides to buy Kenny a beer. Evie watches stunned from the living roo window.

Evie gets word from Leon that the saliva on the murder victim came from a horse. When she recalls the cowboy's name being a version of pony, well, now she knows Kenny is in trouble.

Even though Stan was going to make some Kettle Corn, he goes with her and they battle the cowboy together. When the cowboy changes in front of Kenny, Kenny hilariously says how much he doesn't like what he sees, it's disguesting, etc.

Initially, Stan can't kill a pony whose eyes are filled with all the love in the world, but Evie taunts him with reuniting with Kenny and the pony goes nuts. The werepony is freed from this life.

Just in time, Leon appears in the door with his suspect. I almost choke on my laughter. Seriously. My sister thought I was crying. That actor is good sport!!

Stan Against Evil
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Stan Against Evil Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Evie: Hello?
Leon: It's Leon. There's been a murder. And someone tells me the thread count of these sheets is six, six, six.

Stan: Exactly what is going on here?
Kenny: Just havin' a little me time. Things did not go well with Eve today. She just [begins crying]...she rejected me again.
Stan: Because you're gay?
Ken [still crying]: I'm not gay.
Stan: You're cryin' aren't ya?
Kenny [still crying]: You're right. I'm a baby. I'm a big, gay baby. Change my diaper.
Stan: Kenny, if these quarters are too cramped for ya, you are more than welcome to go live in the yard.