Summoning DuQuette - Stan Against Evil
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Willards' Mill, 1907

While a farmer was talking about his precious manboob diamonds he'd love to have (milk producers if you will), his wife's doppelganger rightfully pours out the cow's milk and smashes him in the head with a bucket.

Stan is visiting Lara to reach Gerard DuQuette. She's hesitant to go along with it but does it anyway.

She keeps repeating the same thing over and over to the point Stan begins beating his head on the table. He knows 

The best things always happen to Stan in bed, so after he gets to sleep, DuQuette appears out of his closet. Stan is given a riddle and 24 hours to solve it. DuQuette even leaves him a giant hourglass to mark the time. At the end of it, if the riddle isn't solved, Stan dies.

Out of the closet walks his doppelganger. And in he goes again.

Stan wonders if Denise is good at puzzles as she struggles to put paper towels on the roll. Leon called to thank Stan for the fudge. Dopp is in motion!

Leon is hallucinating. 

Dopp is at Lara's place. He brains the mailman with a bucket to see if it will stay him from his appointed rounds. 

Lara calls the Sheriff's office, but Leon says to call her at home. Stan left a message in blood. 

Evie wonders why Stan was at Lara's in the first place. It finally dawns on Lara that the evil wizard IS Gerard DuQuette. Neither of them can believe there is a worse version of Stan out there. They didn't know it was possible.

Gordy the Mailman is scaring the shit out of everyone. Neither Rain Nor Snow Nor Sleet Nor a Bucket to the Head is stopping this fella from doing his job. 

Dopp kills Leon.

It's midnight. Denise answers the door. It's Gordy the Mailman on a murderous rampage. Evie figured out the riddle. Go back to tomorrow and don't summon Gerard DuQuette.

Stan gets to DuQuette and walks into the time portal place and is back home to Denise still struggling with the paper towels. She screams when he hugs her.

Stan is wearing his Sheriff's uniform and digging up Claire while apologizing.

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Stan Against Evil Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Now what? The doorbell rings, he pops out of a cake, and he gives me a knobjob?


Stan: What the hell is that?
Lara: Sage. It purifies the air of the room.
Stan: Smells like a pregnant raccoon died in your chimney.