Bad Baby - Stan Against Evil
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A single mom has a date with a dude who has to enter of his own free will to be with her. Stacy's baby is growlking in its crib and whoops, we hear slashing noises!

Denise thinks her eggs look a lot happier than a nearby mother with her baby.

Evie can't understand why Denise is only interested in cemetery groundskeepers, morticians, or the like.

Evie is so determined, she gets Denise a nanny job with that lady and her baby, Aiden. Braiden. Aiden Braiden who eats plums, carrots, generally mushed up food.

Stan just wants to use demon eyeballs to travel back in time to keep his wife from dying.

Evie is proud of herself for getting Denise a job, but Stan wanted Denise to get him ice cubes for his lemonade.

The mom isn't planning to come back.

Denise is taking Aiden Braiden for a walk when Kevin comes up. He looks into the stroller and sees AB's demon eyes. He launches into his human guinea pig story.

Later, Aiden Braiden is screaming as Stan knocks at the door carrying lunch for Denise. It's two beers.

When he leaves, he finds Kevin hiding in the bushes. He doesn't care.

That night, Kevin is reading in his skivvies when the baby breaks into the house and attacks him.

Stan takes him into the sheriff's office the next day after finding him out by the train tracks. He can't even talk he's so distraught.

Kevin is trying to describe what the suspect looks like to Evie. It's that baby, Aiden Braiden!

Denise reveals that Aiden Braden is feeding off of Denise. Mommy is looking for Aiden Braiden, but he's busted out of the house like the Kool-Aid guy.

Stan can't believe a baby did all the damage, even an evil demon baby.

They eventually find it somewhere. It's a giant baby horror house of sorts in which Kevin has been swaddled with goo and mucus inside a giant baby blanket. Stan assures him if he wants to live his life in shame, they won't hold it against him.

The baby uses its rattle to look like everything people love so it won't get hurt.

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Stan Against Evil Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Evie: Kevin, you expect us to believe us to believe that a baby did this to you?
Kevin: Yes.
Evie: But we don't.

Stan: I went ahead and got you some lunch.
Denise: Two beers??
Stan: Yeah. That's what I had for lunch.