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There is a man in a gorilla suit playing on the sidewalk in Willards Mill. Damn that Lenny!

He doesn't think these people are alive, having been bought off with toaster ovens and other things.

Leon lets Evie in on the secret. Lenny was once the smash hit at kids' birthday parties, but it only took one little girl to want a princess instead before the gorilla was no more.

Evie wants to get a unicorn for her daughter the store owner says it's something for the angry man who is always yelling. Evie finds that odd but moves on.

Kenny's in town! It's their daughter's birthday, and he brought her a key to a storage unit in Maine. Plus, he wants to sleep on Stan's couch.

When Evie sends Kenny to the shop to get the unicorn for Grace, he also picks up the moth on a mushroom sitting beside it, telling Stan he made it with his own hands.

Stan later watches what sounds like a Japanese monster movie and is disturbed by Denise wondering why the man in her bed is covered in cobwebs.

The Mothra twins knock at the door wondering who has the relic.

By the time Evie gets there, things have gotten worse. It's time to investigate!

When they get back to Stan's house, the entire place is a cocoon.

Stan walks in on the Mothra twins talking like normal women, gossiping and drinking coffee. When they see Stan, they slip back into lyrical twin mode.

Evie talks to them as if they don't quite understand English without a wage of the hands and similar lyrical language.

Lenny and Kenny are going at it like monsters in miniature Willards Mill. It's terrible!

Evie and Stan point Leon's super soakers filled with spoiled milk so they can try to get Kenny to vomit up the relic, but they can't get a clean shot.

The town. The TOWN!!!

Lenny is back in business. Let's wave at the Happy Ending!

Stan Against Evil
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Stan Against Evil Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

So let me get this straight. In your America, a fake gorilla and a mailbox can't get together. Good to know. Good to know.


That is Leonard Wilensky, the town Gorilla.