Competition - Star Trek: Lower Decks
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Stardate 57538.9

The USS Cerritos is assisting the USS Merced with the transport of a generation ship carrying a liquid capable of generating life from inorganic material.

During the briefing, Mariner is openly bored, yawning several times and embarrassing Freeman who wonders how she can get Mariner to transfer to another ship.

Ransom suggests giving her the worst tasks but Mariner finds ways to make them fun.

Tendi attends an Ascension ceremony but disrupts it, causing the crew member to fail to Ascend. O'Connor is upset with her and won't accept her help to try to get back to Ascending.

Freeman decides to promote Mariner to Lieutenant which blows Boimler's mind and pisses Mariner off. She's forced to sit in on a discussion on a conference room chairs as well as subsequent hours of mindless administrative duties and management training.

Boimler is jealous of Mariner's promotion and decides to break some rules if that's the way to get a promotion.

Tendi pesters O'Connor with her help.

Mariner calls Freeman out on her plan to force her to transfer.

Captain Durango moves the Merced closer to the generation ship which causes a breach in the generation ship's hull, spilling the terraforming fluid into space and onto the ships. Both ships start to dissolve as the fluid causes the ships to sprout and grow plant life.

Boimler spills coffee on Ransom in the midst of the catastrophe.

Freeman and Mariner work together to save the ship, arguing the whole way.

Tendi and O'Connor bond while the ship is being broken down. Tendi admits she can't stand him not liking her. O'Connor admits that he was faking the Ascension. Tendi saves them from drowning but O'Connor gets trapped under falling debris.

Once the infection is reversed, Tendi and O'Connor kiss but then O'Connor begins to Ascend which turns out to be a painful process.

Mariner and Freeman beam the crew of the Merced off their destroyed ship to the generation ship. Freeman and Mariner share a moment of celebration which is awkward.

Freeman proposes Mariner remain a part of the senior officer team but Mariner purposely humiliates her in front of an admiral in order to get demoted again.



Star Trek: Lower Decks
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Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Mariner: Let's see what I got assigned. Turbolift lubing, holodeck waste removal, and scraping carbon off the carbon filters?
Boimler: Those are the worst jobs on the ship. Scraping carbon off of slightly harder carbon? That's Klingon prison stuff.

Tendi: Some people who master the art of alien meditation can achieve inner peace. Then, they transcend the physical realm and become a being of pure energy. Isn't that cool?
Rutherford: Oh, like a Q! Or The Traveller!
Tendi: No, it's more like studying so much for a test that you literally become the test!