Seven of Nine - Star Trek: Picard
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Thirteen years ago at The Seven Domes on the Planet Vergessen in the Hypatia System, Seven tries to rescue a former Borg but he's been harvested for his Borg tech and begs to die. Seven puts him out of his misery.

Two weeks ago, in Stardust City on Freecloud in the Alpha Doradus System, Mr. Vup discusses Bruce Maddox with his boss, B'Jaysel. She goes to see Maddox and drugs him on orders from the Tal Shiar.

Picard meets with Seven in his holo-recreated study and discusses his mission to Freecloud. Seven works with the Fenris Rangers and the Rangers keep their money on Freecloud.

Raffi and Rios discuss Seven on the bridge of the La Sirena. Raffi is looking at the profile of a man named Gabriel Hwang.

Dr. Jurati watches a holo of her time with Maddox. They were romantically involved.

As La Sirena arrives at Freecloud everyone except Elnor is targeted by holo-advertisements. Raffi tracks Maddox down to a posting on Freecloud by B'Jaysel who wants someone to broker an exchange with the Tal Shiar.

Seven knows B'Jaysel and offers herself up as bait as B'Jaysel deals in Borg tech.

Raffi creates a "facer" identity for Rios to pose as a broker. Rios, Picard, and Elnor are all costumed for the con.

Meanwhile, Raffi locates Gabriel Hwang and beams down to Stardust City to see him. She finds him in the waiting area of a reproductive center. He is her son and he is not happy to see her. He and his wife are expecting a baby girl but when his wife joins them, he insists Raffi is leaving right away.

In B'Jaysel's club, Picard unveils Seven and it turns out they know each other. B'Jaysel's security pull their weapons.

On the ship, Dr. Jurati is nervously pacing. She is in charge of the transporter. The EMH appears due to her intense anxiety. When Rios contacts her, she deactivates the EMH before he can inform the captain about her panic attack.

B'Jaysel taunts Seven with the fact that she fooled her years ago and Seven's friend was harvested at her orders.

Seven taunts her back that she wasn't able to get her hands on Seven parts all those years ago.

B'Jaysel gets close and Seven breaks her bonds and grabs her by the throat. She reveals that the young XB in the flashback was Icheb, a reclaimed Borg from her time with Voyager and was the closest thing she'd ever had to family. B'Jaysel had posed as a Ranger on Fenris and learned about Icheb's Borg tech from Seven. She then ambushed him with a fake distress call and stripped his parts without anaesthesia.

Mr. Vup tries to shoot them but Rios is watching and decides it's time for everyone to go. Seven wants them to go without her. Rios talks her out of it, reasoning that her revenge on V'Jaysel will put a bounty on everyone, including Picard and Elnor.

Dr. Jurati beams them all up and shares a tearful reunion with Maddox. 

Rios places the pattern enhancer down and Seven quickly picks it up again. She tells Picard the Rangers are sending a ship for her and she could use a few weapons if he can spare them. She leaves him with a chip with which he can contact her if he needs her in the future.

Seven beams directly down to B'Jaysel's club with her new phasers and clears the room of everyone but her and B'Jaysel. She takes her revenge on B'Jaysel just as a second wave of security arrives. She exits, shooting.

Picard speaks with Maddox as he is treated in sick bay. Maddox knows that Dahj is dead and tells Picard, with Dr. Jurati listening in, that her sister Soji is on The Artifact. He tells Picard that he sent the twins to find out the truth about the synth ban and that it isn't just the Romulans. The Federation is involved as well. Dr. Jurati asks Picard to go so Maddox can rest. 

Picard tells Rios that they're headed to The Artifact next. Raffi is back on board, self-isolated in her quarters.

In sick bay, Maddox is telling Dr. Jurati about the twins and how her contribution made their existance possible. She expresses regret and then turns off the life support. The EMH appears, asking about Dr. Jurati's psychiatric emergency and then realizes that Maddox is in danger. Dr. Jurati deactivates the EMH and watches Maddox die.

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Star Trek: Picard Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Picard: You're well?
Seven: I'm... functional.

Freecloud keeps your secrets.