Picard: From the very beginning, for over thirty years, why me?
Q: I am moving on. In your parlance, I am dying.
Picard: Yes, I know.
Q: Alone. I am dying alone. I do not want that for you.

I never fit, y'know? Nothing stuck. I mean, I was living alone on a cargo ship with five holographic versions of myself. Not very encouraging.


I know something now. The secrets we keep, all the reasons we never tell someone we love them, they're worthless.


The universe is, essentially, a grand tapestry. It is flawless. It is fragile. It is exquisite. Yet it is somehow always a thread's pull away from total annihilation. A star is born, but a ship is lost. A new species thrives, but a civilization collapses. Knowing when to step in, that's the tricky part.


You ask me why it matters. It matters to me. You matter to me. Even gods have favorites, Jean-Luc, and you've always been one of mine.


Q: Well, hello. Nice to see you all.
Raffi: Q, motherf--
Seven: Try not to kill him until we find out what he wants.
Raffi: 'Try' is right.

Picard: I won't let you sacrifice yourself!
Tallinn: You won't let me? It's not up to you. This is my life. You don't get to stop me from fulfilling my purpose because you're scared I'm gonna die. My fate is not yours to decide.

I understand. I've seen the heart of this in you, but other people's lives aren't up to you. And their deaths aren't your fault. Not mine if it comes. Not your mother's. That's a fantasy, Jean-Luc. Can't control who we lose, and we can't spare ourselves the pain of it. Other people's choices are their own to make, and this one is mine. I don't need saving. I never have.


Sweet Picard, your guilt must have saved planets by now. Countless lives in trade for the one you couldn't. I got to tell her. Maybe she'll remember me, and know that she was worth all of it. You helped me give that to her. Absolve yourself, or the only life left unsaved will be your own.


Wesley: A long time ago, I was known as Wesley Crusher, but now, I am a traveler of all of space and time.
Kore: You're kidding, right?
Wesley: The last time I told a joke, I inadvertently changed a century's worth of history, so I work really hard to not be misunderstood.
Kore: That's a lot.
Wesley: You have no idea.

Humans. Your griefs, your pains, fix you to moments in the past long gone. You're like butterflies with your wings pinned. My old friend, forever the boy who with the errant turn of a skeleton key broke the universe in his own heart. No more. You are now unshackled from the past. As I leave, I leave you free.


Q: Farewell, mon capitan. It's time for me to go.
Picard: But not alone. Isn't that the point of all this?
Q: See you out there.

Star Trek: Picard Quotes

You think of me as a vigilante. Fine. Ranging is my job. It's not saving the galaxy. It's helping people who have no one else to help them. It's hopeless and pointless and exhausting and the only thing worse ... would be giving up.


There are moments in our lives we fear to relive and others we long to repeat. While time cannot give us second chances, maybe people can.