Riker: You’re not going alone.
Worf: And I will make it a threesome.
Riker: Do you even hear yourself?

There are two turns of phrase a Klingon never admits to knowing. Defeat. And farewell.


What began over thirty-five years ago ends tonight.

Beverly: You’re going down there.
Picard: I need you to lead me to him. You brought him this far. Let me bring him home.

You don’t leave the doors open if you want to keep the wolves out.

Picard: Will, thank you. It means so much to me.
Riker: You know that I know. Always.

This is President Anton Chekov of the United Federation of Planets, broadcasting on all emergency channels. Do not approach Earth. A signal of unknown origin has turned our young against us. They have been assimilated by the Borg. Our fleet has been compromised and as we speak, our planetary defenses are falling. Sol Station is defending Earth as best it can, but we’re almost out of time. We have not been able to find a way to stop this Borg signal and unassimilate our young. But I know if my father were here, he’d remind us all that hope is never lost. There are always possibilities. Until then, I implore you. Save yourselves. Farewell.


It is confirmed. Your son is the command signal.


Good job routing transporter fields through phasers. You may have just invented the portable beam-me-up.


I’ve never felt anything like this before. It’s like… quiet suffering.


Riker: No movement. No sound. A cube this size, there should be thousands of drones. Armies.
Worf: You appear to be oddly disappointed you’re not outnumbered.
Riker: Yeah, well, I’ve never found myself in a ‘too quiet’ situation that ended with a pleasant surprise.

I’m not asking you to give your lives for nothing. I’m asking you to fight for what’s below. Your families, your children. The Borg have taken our crew, taken our captain, but in this moment, here and now, we are all that is left of Starfleet. It’s up to us.


Star Trek: Picard Quotes

Data: Why are you stalling, Captain?
Picard: I don't want the game to end.

Dahj: Have you ever... been a stranger to yourself?
Picard: Many, many times