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An emergency transmission from President Anton Chekov (presumably Pavel’s son) warns everyone away from Earth, explaining a signal has turned the young people of Earth against them, assimilated by the Borg.

The Enterprise-D crew listen to the transmission. Worf reports the fleet is in attack formation. Geordi reports the space dock’s defense is holding so far.

Data detects a Borg vessel near Jupiter. Picard orders a course laid in.

When they arrive at Jupiter, they find the Borg vessel and the transwarp conduit hidden inside Jupiter’s gasses. Beverly detects the Borg signal broadcast coming from the vessel and isolates Jack’s voice giving the orders to the Collective.

Picard commits to severing the signal no matter the cost.

Part Ten: “The Last Generation”

On Deck 5 of the Titan, Seven leads a group of four unassimilated officers to the turbolift. Their unsanctioned movement is detected by the Titan’s Borg crew.

As Seven’s team emerges from the turbolift, Raffi leads a team out of the ready room. They hit all the assimilated crew with transporter tags and send them to the transporter room where the doors are locked.

On the bridge, Seven assigns the cook to helm since he had some pilot training.

Realizing the Titan is still under Borg control, Seven calls for a way to sever the link to the Collective before the Borg realize the unassimilated have taken it back and execute them like the Excelsior.

On the Enterprise-D, Troi reports she can sense Jack but he’s completely consumed by the Collective. Data notes the cube is using most of its resources to broadcast the signal and is only 37% operational. Data also expresses hate for the Borg.

The cube scans the Enterprise-D and the Borg invite Picard et al in by lowering shields and redirecting weapons.

Geordi suggests the only way to locate the beacon and destroy it is by beaming down directly.

Beverly’s able to detect Jack’s brainwave on board the cube and hypothesizes she can locate him that way. Picard, Riker, and Worf plan to beam over. Data argues he should go with them, but Picard and Beverly both implore him to stay with the ship.

Geordi is given command. Riker takes a moment to lock eyes with Troi. She is sorrowful.

Picard stops before leaving to express it’s been an honor serving with this crew.

When they arrive on the cube, Riker notes that it’s too quiet. They find drones in their charging stations but they are dead and the tissue is being consumed for some unknown purpose.

Beverly contacts Picard to direct him to where Jack’s biosigns are, one level below where they are. Picard is able to name the location, indicating he’s still linked to the Collective somehow.

Picard parts ways with Riker and Worf, tasking them with destroying the beacon while he saves Jack.

Beverly directs Picard to the next level. Picard absolves her for shielding Jack from danger all his life.

Picard finds Jack completely assimilated and broadcasting the Borg message of assimilation. When Picard approaches Jack, the Queen’s laughter is heard.

She dangles in the space above and behind Jack. She is mutated. She welcomes Locutus home.

The Titan detects the Enterprise-D and the Borg cube. Seven reasons it’s Picard and his crew and decides to buy them time to engage the Borg and shut down the signal.

Raffi points out the Fleet Formation uses a line-of-sight propagation. If they can’t see the Titan, they can’t control them.

Seven orders them to scramble as many ships’ shields as they can. They’ll have to decloak to fire on the fleet. The cook questions their chances of survival. Seven urges them to fight for the survival of everyone they care about. Raffi brings the cloaking device online and Seven orders it engaged.

Picard confronts the Queen. He offers himself in Jack’s place, but she rejects him and explains the future of the Borg is in evolution.

Riker and Worf find the beacon. As Worf prepares to transmit the beacon’s coordinates, a drone activates.

Picard accuses the Queen of madness, consuming her hive to sustain herself to this point of vengeance.

The Titan takes a run at the fleet. Seven orders them to prepare for another run.

A second drone activates as Riker prepares to send the beacon’s schematics to the Enterprise.

The Borg Queen describes how the new genetically coded Borg have a mission to annihilate. On the Titan, the trapped crew break out of the transporter bay.

Worf and Riker engage the drones and are badly injured. The cube opens fire on the Enterprise-D. Geordi orders evasive maneuvers. Worf reveals to Riker there’s a phaser in the hilt of his sword.

The Titan’s being tracked by the fleet and targeted. Raffi warns Seven they can’t keep this up.

Beverly fires the weapons array manually and eliminates the Borg cube’s offensive systems.

Riker takes out the drones with the phaser.

Troi receives the schematics. They have its location but it’s the heart of the cube which is almost impossible to access. Data insists he can do it and asks everyone to trust him. Geordi give him the go-ahead and he flies the Enterprise into the cube.

In the space above Earth, Sol Station falls. The planetary defenses are gone. The fleet targets every major city on Earth. The Titan’s cloak disappears as the La Forge sister fire on it to expose the ship.

Picard makes a plea to Jack. He begins to pull the connectors out of Jack.

Seven and Raffi are resigned to defeat at the hands of the assimilated crew.

Data brings the Enterprise-D to the beacon but he and Geordi realize that destroying the beacon would destroy the cube and everyone on it.

Beverly, heartbroken, agrees. Riker and Worf refuse to be beam back. They go for Picard. Picard jacks himself into the Collective to reach Jack.

Inside the Collective, he talks to Jack.

Jack feels like he belongs in the Collective. Picard pleads with him to come back out with him.

Geordi orders the beacon targeted with the ship’s torpedoes. They fire and leave, scanning for the rest as they flee.

Inside the Collective, Picard vows to stay if Jack won’t leave. He embraces his son.

The emotional onslaught wakes Jack up and he breaks free of the Collective and pulls Picard out too. Riker bids farewell to Troi.

On the bridge, Troi realizes she knows where they are and rushes to a panel.

The Borg Queen threatens Jack with a life of loneliness. Looking at Picard, he refutes that.

The Enterprise-D suddenly appears above them and beams Riker, Worf, Picard, and Jack aboard.

The Queen screams as the last of the cube explodes. On the Titan, the assimilated crew faces off with Seven and Raffi’s team.

The cube explodes and the Enterprise-D flies away. The young crew members de-assimilate. Seven hugs Sidney.

Picard, Jack, Riker, and Worf return to the Enterprise-D. Beverly hugs her son.

Riker kisses Troi. Data, Geordi, and Worf take a load off. Worf falls asleep.

Epilogue: Riker narrates a captain’s log that describes Starfleet’s transporter purge of the Borg genetic coding. Crusher is now an Admiral, head of the Starfleet Medical Branch. Her tech also scans for other irregularities like changelings.

Tuvok pardons the Enterprise-D crew for hijacking the Titan. Tuvok discusses the situation with Seven. She cuts him off to resign from Starfleet. Tuvok shows her the officer review sent by Captain Shaw before she took the ship to the Riton System.

Shaw describes her as reckless but recommends a promotion to captain.

Tuvok denies her resignation and promotes her.

Raffi receives a message from her ex-husband, telling her how proud her family is of her and how they can’t wait to see her. She’s crying with happiness when Worf comes to her door. She informs him her son’s home screens were inundated with information about her role in saving Earth from the Borg and changelings. Much of the information was classified. Worf comments this is the work of an honorable maverick.

They wish each other well. He hugs her.

Troi has a session with Data, counseling him through his emotional changes. They’re over an hour over their time (again) and Data’s still not done.

They get up and Riker’s waiting at the door.

One year later, Riker, Picard, and Geordi reunite at the museum aboard the Enterprise-D. Geordi initiates shutdown procedure. The men bid her farewell.

Beverly and Picard bring Jack to Space Dock. He’s nervous about his first posting.

Picard was kept in the dark but Jack’s been posted to the Enterprise-G. The Titan’s been rechristened in honor of Picard and his crew.

On the bridge, Jack starts giving orders. Captain Seven sets him straight and Raffi, her Number One, boots him out of the captain’s chair. Sidney’s at the helm.

Seven installs Jack as Special Counselor to the Captain.

Raffi and Jack await Seven’s engage phrase. We never hear it. The Enterprise-G goes to warp.

The Enterprise-D crew close out Ten Forward. Worf has a meditation class in the morning. Troi and Riker are leaving on vacation. Geordi calls for one last toast. Data starts a limerick but isn’t permitted to finish it.

Picard takes the opportunity to quote Brutus’ speech of tides. Everyone raises their glass.

Picard pulls out a card and they sit down to play poker.

In the stinger scene, Jack settles into his quarters. Suddenly, Q is there, commenting on Jack being a chip off the old block. Jack identifies him and questions him. Q informs him that Picard’s trial may be over, but his has just begun.


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Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

It is confirmed. Your son is the command signal.


This is President Anton Chekov of the United Federation of Planets, broadcasting on all emergency channels. Do not approach Earth. A signal of unknown origin has turned our young against us. They have been assimilated by the Borg. Our fleet has been compromised and as we speak, our planetary defenses are falling. Sol Station is defending Earth as best it can, but we’re almost out of time. We have not been able to find a way to stop this Borg signal and unassimilate our young. But I know if my father were here, he’d remind us all that hope is never lost. There are always possibilities. Until then, I implore you. Save yourselves. Farewell.