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On the Dauntless, Ensign Asencia helps The Diviner walk as he worries that his memories will never return. Janeway joins them. The Diviner expresses his gratitude and wishes to help her in return. When she tells him they are tracking down a survivor of CR-721, he remembers Gwyn’s name.

Stardate 61302.7

The Protostar crew plan to stash the ship while they find some other transport to find and warn Starfleet.

Rok has created a carrier for Murf’s cocoon as they embark from the ship, leaving Hologram Janeway with her systems shut down.

The crew reaches Denaxi Depot, where they hope to find transport to the Federation. It’s the only major transportation hub in the sector. As they wander into the depot, Captain Okana introduces himself and offers to provide transport.

As they start to negotiate the price of transport, an alarm sounds and two Xindi guards point weapons at Okana. They accuse him of smuggling illegal contraband and arrest him. The Protostar gang slip away.

The depot makes an announcement that all ships are grounded due to the blizzard.

In the bar, Barniss Frex is telling his version of what happened at CR-721.

Janeway beams down to the depot with Asencia, Noum, and Tysess. They are looking for Frex.

Rok and Tysess pass each other as Rok asks around for a ride. Jankom Pog literally runs into Dr. Noum. They have a verbal interaction wherein Noum tells Jankom that “Pog” is a Tellarite name reserved for runts.

Gwyn approaches a Klingon and addresses him in Klingon. He demands her fretwork weapon for payment and she refuses. When he makes to take it from her, Ensign Asencia steps in. When Gwyn introduces herself, Asencia addresses her as Gwyndala which startles her. Asencia tells her that her father is on their ship. Gwyn runs away.

Dal hears Vice Admiral Janeway communicating with her team. He addresses her as Captain Janeway and she corrects him. He’s completely starstruck. She asks if she can help him. He stammers out his feelings and she interprets that he wants to enlist in Starfleet. He starts to explain the big issue but Tysess arrives at that moment with Barniss Frex and Dal puts his hood up to avoid being recognized and leaves.

Barniss gives a description of the “savages” who destroyed CR-721. When he describes Dal, Janeway realizes that she was talking to one of the Protostar crew.

The Dauntless crew pursue the kids. Vice Admiral Janeway orders all exits closed down.

When security spots them, the Protostar crew jump on a ground transport and make a break for it, beating the closing gates. Security pursues them in faster pods. In the midst of the chase, Rok announces that Murf’s about to hatch.

Zero opens a container and finds Okana stowed away. He shows them some of the contraband he was smuggling, tubes of a chemical that will provide a speed burst for their vehicle.

The vibrations caused by the chase trigger avalanches throughout the valley they’re speeding through to get back to the Protostar. With the thrust from the additive, they leap a ravine to safety, leaving the Xindi security behind them.

They climb back into the Protostar. Hologram Janeway greets them, but they fill her in that it didn’t go to plan. Okana joins them.

The Xindi and the Dauntless away team arrive on site just as the Protostar takes off. As they prepare to leave the planet, they are confronted by the Dauntless.

They make a run for it with the Dauntless in pursuit. The Dauntless tries to hail them but Dal orders that there be no communication because the living construct will infect the Federation systems and destroy them.

As they wait on Pog firing up the Protostar for a jump, and continue to ignore the hails, they realize that Murf has hatched. He’s emerged as a bipedal creature. He jumps on the controls and sits on a torpedo launch button, firing it at the Dauntless.

Vice Admiral Janeway orders return fire, targeting the third nacelle in order to cripple them. Just as they’re preparing to jump, the Dauntless hits them, knocking them out of warp.

Okana advises they flee the Dauntless by hiding in the Neutral Zone. Since the Dauntless can’t follow for risk of starting a war with the Romulans, Dal gives the order.

On the Dauntless, Vice Admiral Janeway wants to pursue but Commander Tysess refuses the order. A trio of Romulan ships appears and hails them. The Romulan Commander warns them that entering the Neutral Zone would be an act of war.

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Star Trek: Prodigy Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Rok: Those are dark nimbostratus clouds. We better get a move on so we don’t get stuck in that storm.
Pog: Huh. What are you, a meteorologist now?
Rok: Maybe I am!

If you get into a pinch, look up the real Janeway. I’m sure she’ll find you as promising as I do.

Hologram Janeway