Upside Down - Stargirl
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Courtney's biological father Sam Kurtis comes to Blue Valley, and at first, Courtney doesn't believe he's her dad.

However, she later accepts the truth and the pair make tentative future plans to spend more time together.

Sam asks Courtney for his locket back and she is heartbroken. Pat catches up with Sam and tells him not to come back.

After learning she isn't Starman's daughter, Courtney has a crisis of confidence as her role of Stargirl.

Things only get worse when the Cosmic Staff doesn't respond to her, making Courtney believe it won't work because it knows she's not Starman's daughter.

Pat tells her the staff always knew and chose her because she of who she is, not because of who her father is or not.

Courtney gets her confidence back and the staff works.

Elsewhere, Justin seeks out Pat and Pat tells Rick and Beth Justin is really the Shining Knight, a former member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory who was given Excalibur by King Arthur.

Justin came to Blue Valley to fight Dr. Ito but was somehow captured and brainwashed.

Brainwave's memory returned and he informs Icicle Courtney is Stargirl and Pat, her stepfather, was Starman's sidekick.

Brainwave wants to kill them, but Icicle hestitates due to his feelings for Barbara.

Icicle later gets past his second thoughts and tells Brainwave to kill the entire Whitmore-Dugan family.

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Stargirl Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Sam: Wow, look at you. You’ve really grown up.
Courtney: You’re not my father.
Sam: I know it’s been a while. I got your mom’s emails.
Barbara: What are you doing here?
Sam: Well, you once told me that you couldn’t wait to get out of Blue Valley. I figured if you had to come back here it must have been serious. Look, I’m sorry for showing up like this out of the blue. I replied. I never heard back. I was worried. Is everything all right?
Courtney: That’s not my dad.
Barbara: Honey, I am so sorry this is happening like this right now.
Courtney: It’s not. It can’t be.
Barbara: It is.

Courtney: He’s not my dad, Pat. He can’t be. The staff works for me. That proves that I’m Starman’s daughter, doesn’t it? Right? Because if I’m not, what have I been doing this whole time? The staff, putting on a costume. I got Henry killed and Joey.
Pat: Courtney, you didn’t kill anyone, all right. Listen.