Pat: Still zipping around I see.
Thunderbolt: I can't believe you built this. If Starman had seen it, I'm sure you would have promoted you from sidekick to, like, a senior sidekick. He would have been happy.
Pat: Well, it's not a toy.
Thunderbolt: So there's the new JSA now, huh?
Pat: Yeah, but you know how dangerous life can be and even with power like yours, Johnny died.
Thunderbolt: I remember his smile when he made that last wish, and then he was gone.
Pat: So what was his last wish?
Thunderbolt: That I’d find a new friend.
Pat: Mike, why him?
Thunderbolt: You know how it works. I can only pick someone like me to be partners with, someone who feels completely and utterly alone.
Pat: That's really how he feels?
Thunderbolt: Right now, yeah.

Mike: What’s going on?
Thunderbolt: What's going on is that you, Mike Dugan, are now in control of me, the Thunderbolt.
Mike: The Thunderbolt?
Thunderbolt: As in Johnny Thunder and the Thunderbolt of the Justice Society of America. You’re so lucky.
Mike: This belonged to the JSA?
Thunderbolt: Yep, you said the magic word, and now I'm back in action.
Mike: Wait, so the magic words are so cool?
Thunderbolt: Word singular. It's pronounced ‘so cool’ in my native homeland of Badhnesia.
Mike: Bas-what?
Thunderbolt: It's not on the map anymore. Thanks for bringing it up. ‘So cool’ means set free the all-powerful force upon the earth of the magical and awe-inspiring Thunderbolt. It’s also a synonym for the sound on the chalkboard that drives everyone crazy, but I like that sound.

Pat: Trust me, he’d just cause more trouble.
Mike: Me?
Pat: No, not you, Mike, the Thunderbolt. He’s not exactly a living monkey's paw, but he's close. I
Mike: I think he can hear you. Also, what's this got to do with monkeys?
Pat: OK, give me the pen.
Mike: No.
Pat: Now.
Mike: You’re saying I can't handle it.
Pat: Nobody can. I'm sorry, all right, Mike. I really am. It's just the Thunderbolt, he's too unpredictable.

Pat: Why are you here?
Courtney: We won't let you hurt our town.
The Shade: Why ever would I do that?
Yolanda: Because you were a member of the Injustice Society.
The Shade: Our interests align for a moment, but birds of a feather, we were not. Jordan Mahkent and his merry band were no friends of mine. Icicles was a lunatic. If there's one thing worse than a man who wants to rule the world, it’s a man who he wants to save it, though seeing the way your generations going, I expect you’ll humanity for good.
Courtney: OK, just because you gave up and only looked out for yourself, doesn't mean we're ever going to. We're never going to stop fighting to protect the world from people like you.
The Shade: Just to reassure you, I have no dark design on Blue Valley. Stay out of my way, and I'll be gone before you know it.
Courtney: Why are you here?
The Shade: Young lady, I'm not being coy. It's just better than none of you know.

Mike: So did you guys have a vote yet? Am I in the JSA, or do I have to go through some hazing first?
Courtney: There's no hazing.
Mike: So I’m in, right?
Courtney: It's not up to me.
Mike: Yeah, it is. You’re like the JSA’s leader.
Courtney: But Pat's your dad. That’s veto power I can't overrule.
Mike: He told you no too. Come on, Court, think about it: All the bad guys we’ll be able to take down, all the people will be able to save, you and me together, brother and sister.
Courtney: That sounds great, really, but…
Mike: The Thunderbolt picked me, so I'm like you. I was meant to be a superhero. It's my destiny. Please, help me try.

Courtney: If you're worried I'm here to dig through old files again, don't be. I'm done with that.
Pat: What are you talking about?
Courtney: Jennie, she made me realize what was really important, my friends and family, Stripesy. I should have treated you more like Jennie did when we first moved here. So, ot's Courtney Whitmore first -- daughter, sister, friend. And if a villain comes up, then it'll be Stargirl.
Pat: Right, it's actually funny you should mention that because there is this villain from the old days called The Shade. He was bad news, and he's the last member of the Injustice Society that's unaccounted for. I think he's in Blue Valley.
Courtney: I’ll get my staff.

Cindy: Just let me go.
Eclipso: Your stepmother was desperate to escape. She was trying to kill you. I had to take control to protect you.
Cindy: I can protect myself. What did you do to her?
Eclipso: I fed off her hatred, her desperation, her corrupt soul.
Cindy: I’m in control, me. My body is mine. You do that again, and I’ll put you back in the box, you got it?
Eclipso: Of course, Cynthia, of course. I am sorry. You are in control. You. I’m only here to serve.

Pat: Quite a show down there.
Courtney: Sorry.
Pat: I’m not the one you need to apologize to. The thing is I don’t get it Court. I mean your greatest superpower is seeing the good in other people, but you can't seem to see it in Jennie.
Courtney: Can't see it? Pat, how can I not see the good in Jennie? Everyone sees it. She's perfect, and she's a superhero’s daughter for real. I feel like such a fraud around her. She's everything I should be.
Pat: No, she's everything you were. Think about it. She's just trying to learn more about a father she never really knew. That’s all. That’s why she's here. Remember how that felt?
Courtney: Pretty lonely.
Pat: Yeah, pretty lonely.

Courtney: I'm sorry for how I spoke to you.
Jennie: I have the lantern, and now that I do, I should go.
Courtney: Jennie, wait. Look, none of this is your problem. It's mine. I spent months convinced I was Starman's daughter, and I was so messed up when I found out I wasn't. I thought I was everything that you actually are, but clearly, I'm not. Your power is like nothing any of us have ever seen before. You're all anyone could ever want in a member of the JSA. You're the real deal, Jennie. You’ve got everything.
Jennie: Stop saying I have everything. I have nothing. This ring us supposed to do whatever you ask it to, anything at all. All I wanted was to find my brother.
Courtney: Your brother?
Jennie: I thought this ring would lead me to him, not to this stupid lantern.

Pat: Hey, thought you might need that.
Courtney: Thanks. Pat, how do you know she’s really Green Lantern’s daughter?
Pat: Well, the JSA didn’t talk about their kids a lot to protect them, but I know that they had them. And that ring, it only worked for Alan.
Courtney: The Cosmic Staff only worked for Starman, and now it works for me. What if she’s not who she says she is? What if she’s a spy or something?
Pat: A spy?
Courtney: Yeah, for one of the JSA’s old enemies like Baron von Blitzkrieg.
Pat: OK, there’s no von. It’s just Baron Blitzkrieg, and he died in the war.
Courtney: Then whoever then.
Pat: Listen, Court, you’re looking for villains everywhere, and I get it, being Stargirl it’s…
Courtney: Everything.
Pat: This life that you’re pursuing, it’s more about helping people than it is fighting the bad guys. That’s what you’re good at: Yolanda, Rick, Beth, you gave them a shot when no one else would. So how about giving this kid a chance?

Pat: Courtney, what are you doing getting into fights with Artemis Crock?
Courtney: It was an honest mistake.
Pat: You could have gotten expelled. And now you get to go to summer school, and vacation that your mother was so excited about that's now been canceled. The JSA is the only team that you’re a part of. Our family’s a team, OK?
Courtney: I know, but the staff is still lighting up.
Pat: Yeah, it still lights up, but that doesn't mean that there's a bad guy around every corner. Courtney: Yeah, but there’s somewhere.
Pat: And why are you so convinced that it's up to you just stop them?
Courtney: Because like the staff, I will never quit, not like you did.

Maggie: What can I get you, hone? Earl makes a country-fried steak that you will be telling your grandkids about. I have it four or five times a week myself.
Starman: Well, who could say no to that?
Maggie: Need anything else, handsome?
Starman: Yeah, I’m looking for your ex-husband.
Maggie: Which one?
Starman: The one that likes stripes.

Stargirl Quotes

Mike: Good-bye In-N-Out, good-bye friends, good-bye indoor plumbing.
Pat: It’s Nebraska. It’s not Siberia, Mike.
Mike: I looked this place up on Google Earth. Blue Valley doesn’t have jack.
Pat: It’s got fresh air, it’s got friendly people, it’s got schools without metal detectors. The thing is I need your help with this move, OK. I need you to be positive.
Mike: Positive? I am positive.
Pat: Great.
Mike: I’m positive this place will blow ass.

Starman: No, no, it’s over. The Justice Society must live on. Its legacy must survive. Someone with honor and strength must carry the torch.
Pat: I’ll try.
Starman: Not you. Someone with grace and heroism. I mean, you can’t do it. But someone out there will. It’s definitely not you. Pat, you’re a good friend.