You can watch State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 13 online via TV Fanatic to discover if Charlie has what it takes to end Fatah. Watch State of Affairs online now!

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When you watch State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 13 online you'll watch Charlie's team in top form as they work together to take down the vest network of Ar Rissalah terrorists. Considering the many twists and turns the season has taken, will the final reveal be as amazeballs as those in the weeks preceeding? It's really had to tell, but it's one hell of a cliffhanger, to be certain. Things are falling down around POTUS. Can she keep it together? Will she fall apart? What will new next move be? Who lives and who dies in the finale? Who could make it to a potential State of Affairs Season 2? The only way you'll know is if you take the time to clickity click and watch State of Affairs online now!

Episode Details

On State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 13 Charleston Tucker heads out into the field after Omar Fatah. She will locate him. What happens then?

Rating: 3.1 / 5.0 (21 Votes)
State of Affairs
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State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Charlie: I have to resign,, Sir, to you, now, because of what I need to do next and what I don't want coming back on the CIA.
Navaro: No one ever died for a flag, Charlie. The die fighting for the people they love. Let your training track him down, let your blood do the rest.

There's no new world order without factory fresh threats against the U.S.