It's easier for you, isn't it, if you believe that? Then your betrayal becomes my problem! Omar! I f*cking trusted you! I gave you all of my trust and you gave me nothing in return! Nothing! Now people I loved that trusted me are dead because of you. You have killed hundreds of innocents. You will keep killing. So, now, when one can act [shoots twice] one should act as a liberator [shoots again].


I think you should have somebody as Chief of Staff who is like minded, and after a lot of soul searching, I don't think that's me.


There's no new world order without factory fresh threats against the U.S.


Charlie: I have to resign,, Sir, to you, now, because of what I need to do next and what I don't want coming back on the CIA.
Navaro: No one ever died for a flag, Charlie. The die fighting for the people they love. Let your training track him down, let your blood do the rest.

Charlie, Charlie. Track my signal. I paint your targets. Charlie, repeat. My signal will paint the targets. Charlie, repeat. I am your target.


In the history of massive screw ups, this is right up there with weapons of mass destruction and monogamy.


You know you said this would make killers of us both. You were right.


It's Nick or the mission.


Listen to me. You got us here. I promise you, I will finish it. This ends today.


Nick: Charlie, what's the plan for Fatah?
Charlie: The plan remains the same. Kill Hakam, kill Fatah.
Nick: What about me?
Charlie: I get you home.

Communication's gonna get tricky, but give me a little warning before you light up the sky, will?


Hey Lucas? Take a chance. Call Maureen.


State of Affairs Quotes

Good doesn't have to come. I do.


He was killed in a terrorist attack. That's what happened, and I made it out. And, now I have to deal with it. I have to deal with it everyday from now on and it sucks.