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Sage hosts a party in honor of Iman Walker. Marquise tries to ease his potential leaving on Angel.

At Spartika HQ, Rigo learns that he is nominated for a Grammy.

Sage is set to perform at the Grammys, and he asks Marquise, who is hesitant, to perform with him.

Collette proposes rebranding High Water to a Spartika-owned school, but the suits are skeptical about how to deal with Sage.

To give Iman exposure on a national level, Sage proposes that she introduces him at the Grammys.

Angel's brother -- JJ -- visits her and finds Odalie at home, who is reeling from her previous actions the other night.

Odalie lets it slip that Marquise is a bad guy.

At the penthouse, Rigo confronts Marquise over performing unchosen and tells him to leave Atlanta. He pulls a gun on him but chickens away from using it. He promises to send East-O's people after him.

Angel learns that the bag with money is missing. She confronts Odalie about it and is insulted when Odalie proposes that Marquise might have stolen it.

Collette arrives at High Water and starts kicking people out. Cruz informs Sage that Collette has Sage's power of attorney, giving her control over everything.

Marquise comes to tell Angel that he is leaving. JJ walks in a gives him a proper beating thinking he's the one who stole the money.

Collette and Sage meet for brunch, and she demands High Water and Rigo in exchange for giving returning everything back.

Cruz puts the pieces together and realizes that Collette might have killed East-O. He texts Sage during his brunch and informs him of this development.

Sage confronts her and blackmails her into giving everything back. She begs him not to tell anybody.

Sage gives Marquise money, who is planning on splitting.

Rigo performs Unchosen, much to Marquise's dismay. Sage gases him up into going on stage as Saint Clip and engaging in a versus diss with him.

The situation deescalates, and they make up being the brothers they are. Rigo tries to end it with Collette, who reveals that she is pregnant.

Sage gives control and ownership of High Water to Collette.

Atlanta's thugs are after Marquise for snitching; Angel wants to run away with him, with Odalie not wanting her to leave.

Sage performs at the Grammys.

JJ rolls up on Marquise and Angel as they run away and shoots him in a drive-by. Odalie and Rigo watch the scene of the crime as they cry. Marquise in rushed to the hospital.

Sage goes home, Collette takes over High Water, Rigo and Odalie wallow in their loss, and Angel buries Marquise.

A six-month time jump.

Sage helps his friend from jail get out. A pregnant Collette lays out her plans for High Water and boasts its success to investors.

Odalie and Rigo try to figure out their next steps in life.

Poppy and her new boo are having a housewarming party.

In London, Angel and JJ own Black Hall -- a club. It is revealed that Marquise is still alive and in London with her.

Gunnar and Tal visits Angel and Marquise in London.

While smoking, JJ is attacked by some London thugs and is nearly overpowered before Marquise helps him out.

Angel is living her dream of leading dancers in the Black Hall. After the altercation outside, Marquise comes back to the club and gazes at the scene in front of him.

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Step Up: High Water Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Marquise: Yo, how the fuck did you find me?
Rigo: Your, uh, performance with Sage. That was just a small hint. Dumbass. Here I am wondering if you dead or alive, and you out here living like the motherfucking Fresh Prince?
Marquise: And why the fuck do you care?

Clip, look.
♪ Hold on, wait a minute ♪
♪ You a disrespectful Motherfucker ♪
♪ Must have lost your mind ♪
♪ You out here fucking up thinking you got it ♪
♪ But I really doubt it 'cause I won't allow it ♪
♪ And I wrote about it you know that I did ♪
♪ Motherfucker I wrote all of your shit ♪
♪ So run me that Grammy and run me that pay ♪
♪ And after that solo, bitch run me my fame ♪
♪ 'Cause all of that time took on that rhyme book ♪
♪ Yo, that's my life and them my hooks ♪
♪ I have bills doing this bitch ♪
♪ And you still spitting my shit ♪
♪ Hold up in there ♪
♪ You a fraud, nigga you bitch-made ♪
♪ I should introduce you to my switchblade ♪
♪ But that karma coming ♪
♪ You'll get yours and I'ma get mine ♪
♪ 'Cause I been waiting it's on ♪